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How can I start using the Support Center?

Adding simple web forms to capture issues as an alternative to email

Design sub-tab

General sub-tab in support center

Transfer support issues from customers to development/technology teams

Unified Support center

How do I organize my Service Desk (Help desk) in @productName?

What issue/ticket fields are recommended for Help Desk purposes?

General search function

Which issue fields are shown for support users in the Issues page

Use your own issue tabs in the support center

Knowledge base sub-tab (Legacy installled customers)

Modern design sub-tab

Mailing list

Common problems when setting up Oauth in an email ticket system

Status information in the email ticket system

OAuth configuration in Office 365 / Microsoft Azure account

OAuth configuration in Gmail account

Experiencing slow email fetching with Office365/Azure? Try Microsoft Graph API

Copy Customer satisfaction survey

OAuth in email ticket system

DKIM - An error occurred: Incompatible private and public key

Validating the sender before importing email to an existing issue

Recommended settings for an email workflow

DKIM and Spam control

DMARC and Spam control

Add email templates to the "send email"-menu

Variables that can be used in email reply templates

Parsing values from email subject and content

Ticket id and email ticket systems in different projects

Customer satisfaction survey

Domain mappings in the Email ticket system

Multiple ticket systems in the same project

Forward from Issue history

Merging incoming email with an existing issue

Mass email

CC-addresses are stored on the issue - you can reply to all

Email batch reply - sending same mail to several issues/customers

What are Processing Rules in the Ticket System?

SPF and Spam control

Email reply/Send email

Getting started with Email ticket system

How can I add images to a knowledge base article?

Who has access to the Knowledge Base?

Where can I add/edit categories and add/edit articles?

How do I move categories and articles?

How to use a Knowledge base

Knowledge base - user interface overview

Any recommendations about image size in articles?

How can I create an internal link from one KB article to another?

Uploading images while editing a KB article

How do I create an internal link to a KB Category?

Editing a KB article

Anatomy of an article

How do I make the KB indexable by Google or other search engines?

How can I link to local files from a KB article or issue?

Storing large inline images in KB articles result in errors, how do I solve this?

How do I add a KB link in the General section in top left?

How to edit an article lacking title

How do I include videos in the KB?

How do I subscribe to articles / categories in the Knowledge Base?

How do I set permissions on categories and articles in the knowledge base?

Editing a KB Category

How do I link to a KB article in a specific language?

How can I make a Forum visible in the Support Center?

Can a Support center User post Forum messages?

How can I make a folder visible in the Support Center?

How can I make a document visible in the Support Center?

How can I link to a document?

Can I buy an installed version of @productName and deploy it on my own server?

What are the benefits with the hosted version compared to the installed one?

How much does @productName cost?

Do you charge for support center users?

If we were to purchase the hosted version could we then migrate our data to an installed version later on?

I just inactivated some users - will that affect the coming invoice?

Main differences between the Cloud/SAAS version and the installed/on-premise version

How does a normal start-up procedure look?

Enterprise version

Required key roles needed in your organisation

How do we prioritize feature requests from users/customers?

Video demonstration of the system

What is @productName?

Getting Started with @productName

Recommended settings for best user experience with @productName

What are the system requirements for a computer running the system?

I have a question not answered here, where can I find the help I need?

What IP addresses can I use to configure our spam filter to accept emails from your email server?

Where can I find the log files for @productName?

Localising @productName

The Forum page

Dashboard Portlets

How come I can't see the Account settings section anymore?

I get an error message when click logon: "Error: No matching user found! Try again!", what does this mean?

How can I make sure one of our employees is notified by e-mail for issues/tasks?

How do I include/show specific fields on issues that aren't visible by default?

How do I enter a planned end date for a task or issue?

How do I see a list of overdue tasks?

Terminology in the knowledge base

How can I add a multi-document attachment field to a simple form that looks better?

How do I create a new portlet?

Background Jobs

Load Favicon when installed in different directory than ROOT

Can I make changes in the database?

How to update Lucene index

Add your own Favicon

How can I increase the memory settings for @productName

Can I use another security/authentication mechanism than used by default?

Can I run multiple @productName instances in the same Tomcat server?

How can we do a backup of the data in our installation?

What hashing algrithm is used by default in @productName

What are the system requirements for the installed version of @productName?

If the installed version seems slow, what might be the problem?

How do I copy @productName from one server to another?

Maintenance work

Auto login from external portal

Can I make changes in the software?

The Branding page

I get security warnings in Internet Explorer after I uploaded a changed css-file, why?

How do I move the latest changes to the main stylesheet (css) file for @productName into my own css file for my corporate branding?

How do I redirect our domain/URL to @productName?

What is the corporate branding module?

Full branding - how to make it work

About logotypes

Activate Spam filter

About the spam engine

Installation when going from hosted to installed version

Overview of the SLA Target and Escalation feature

Work Schedules

SLA Targets

SLA Examples

What decides which SLA is used?

View SLA in Issues and Issue list

About Service Level Agreements

Overview of SLA Management

Problems setting up SLA?  - SLA Troubleshooting

How do I add an issue to an iteration/sprint/phase?

Resource availability

How to transfer incomplete issues from one sprint/phase to the next for further work in the new sprint/phase

The Burn-down page

The Build History page

The Release Notes page

The Edit Release Notes page

How can I manage issues for sprints efficiently in the issues tab?

The Sprint page

The phase / sprint info page

Create a build from your build environment (and upload file)

Burn-down charts

I have created release notes but they are not visible, how come?

What are web services?

Introduction to the Web Service API

Acceptancetest environment för Web service/API test

What is a Meeting issue?

No issue permission

I want to create an issue rule that changes an issue a number of hours before the SLA breaches

Blank out issues (Anonymize issues)

The Context Menu for issues

Batch update issues

Sub-tabs on Issue: Which permissions to show/hide these?

Logging of deleted issues

How does @productName help with SOX compliance?

What's the maximum size of files a customer can upload to the system?

The text in the issue history looks like it is chopped off at the right border

Description - cannot save changes to just the text formatting

Open issue from Mail

How can I put a task on hold and automatically re-open it at a certain date

Making and registering phone calls on issues

Show related KB articles

Custom board

The Issue page - viewing a single issue

The Edit issue type page

Issue tags

Text search in issue filter mode

Customizations of issue types, statuses, priorities and severities

Creating an issue

Manage issues - Issues list page

Create a new mail /ongoing conversation

Issue subscribers

The Issue documents page

I cannot set some issue fields when creating an issue, only when editing, why?

Merge issues

Issue Reminders

Recurring issues

Issue templates

Issue timers

Issue permission viewer

Opening an issue from email - shows info/warning text in new tab

Links to Knowledge base (KB) articles

Navigating on Issue - Next/Previous buttons

Issue history viewer

Ranking Issues (Global rank)

Owner and responsible user, what is the difference?

Why are some issues in bold text?

Copy/Transfer issue

Automatic batch job to Anonymize users and blank out issues

Why does the system not remember when I choose large numbers (1000, 5000) issues per page in the issues page?

Auto draft of email

Related items

Can I control the behavior of sub-issues and parent depending on statuses?

How to make hidden sub-issues disappear from the main issue list too?

Can I make an existing issue into a sub-issue of another issue?

How to enable sub-issues?

Sub-issues in the issues-tab

Sub-issues in the "Edit issue"-page

Is there a limit to the number of items for a select list in a custom field?

Customize your issue fields in the Issue Field Configuration

Issue Field Configuration preview

How to create new custom fields for issues

Improved Custom Fields

Custom fields of type Configuration item can now select multiple items

The Resolution issue field

The Source Issue field

What is the difference between Reporter Company and Company?

How does the In-Progress indicator issue field work?

How can I add an issue field to an issue?

What are the default issue fields?

My issue field has a custom name - how do I know which standard field this corresponds to?

How to add help texts to fields

Migrating data from a field to a custom field

I want to only use date on my Start/Due date, not date + time

Searching multiselect fields

Advanced search

Quick search

Saved searches


Issue# search

Search menu

Search subscriptions

The Search page

Edit Notification Templates

Overview of Notifications

Troubleshooting notifications

Send notification to the initiator of the event - what is this?

Which notification uses which notification template?

Can I reset a customised notification template to the default template look?

How do I send a notification to support users when issue is closed?

How can I send a notification upon a specific status transition?

How to send a notification when status is changed from X to something else

What is a project?

Logging of events

What is a workspace?

The Project Summary - Table view

The Project Summary - Chart view

The Project Summary

Planning Board

PM Methodologies supported in @productName

Custom fields on Project

Manage Project Categories

How can I merge two projects into one?

Project overview

How to inactivate a project?

The Project page

Creating a new project

How do I delete a project?

Copying a project

Using project templates

The Project Summary - List view

The Workspace/Project Users page

The Edit Project Info page

The Edit Resource Availability page

Special commands in VCS for creating and editing issues

How do i set up and configure Subversion?

Integrate other Version control systems with @productName?

Subversion integration

Git integration

Beanstalk integration

CVS integration

Jenkins integration (Continuous Integration)

Handling issues/mails when someone is on vacation or sick leave

How to manage test cases

Get performance information to send to @productName support

How do we "handle" if someone is sick in the project team?

Sprint planning - time or story points?

How to easily visualise the support queue in @productName

How to track iteration progress with burn-down and burn-up charts

How to effectively organize your tasks in iterations/sprints

How to organize your issues in requirements/tasks

How to create recurring mailed reports

Migrating custom issue fields from project to account level

Get the best performance out of your web browser

How do I restrict access to the support center?

How do I create users for the Support center?

How can I limit what issue types users from different customers can see?

What is the difference between "support users", contacts and normal users?

General overview of the permission architecture

LDAP configuration tips and debugging info

SSO with Kerberos

How to configure LDAP (AD) Import and login authentication

Configuring SSO with AD and Kerberos

Azure Active Directory Domain Services (Azure AD)

SAML authentication with Azure AD for SSO

How do I enable Multi Factor Authentication (MFA/2FA) for my system account?

How to Enable Secure HTTP Headers in Tomcat

How to Enable Secure HTTP Headers in NGINX

I get SEVERE: failed setting ip_ttl in the log files, why?

Change the default email monitoring interval

How do I remove the /visionproject/ part of the URL?

How do I increase the logging/debug level in the log files?

Attributes in

Can I store document/files on a secondary server?

How to enable SSL Encryption - with a purchased certificate

How to enable SSL Encryption - with a self signed certificate

How can I change the default port used for @productName?

How do I use an A record such as

I sometimes get NotSerializableException in the log files, why?

How can I increase the session time-out?

How do I configure @productName to work in our DMZ?

The Searches tab in the bottom left panel

The Tags tab in the left panel

The Companies page

Start page navigation in @productName


Navigation Panel

Hidden gems in the user interface

Logging on to @productName

How do I create system users and add contact persons in the system?

Change how tables/grids look

Permissions and public setting -  Inheritance on document folders

Documents can be set to Read-Only for some users or user groups

Quick edit-save of document

How do I lock documents?

Track versions on files/documents

The Documents page

Upload and manage documents and files

Why does Quick edit-save of documents not work for me?

The Pdf viewer

How do I group work logs or expenses on date in the Time/Expenses tab?

Resource availability - hours

Time/Cost tracking

Remaining time is not correct on the issue - why?

Time/Expenses page

What happens when a Workflow and an Issue Rule try to update the same issue?

How to use Workflow

Workflow with validating/sign-off/approval process

The Project Settings page - General

The Notifications page

The Workflow page

The SLA Escalations page

The Email Ticket System page

The Cost page

The Simple Forms page

The issue templates page

Late/Upcoming sprints/milestones

My open issues

Recent activity

Personal notes

Quick links

Saved Searches/Filters on the Dashboard





Open Issues

Open Issues (by issue type)

New Issues Trend chart

Closed Issues Trend chart

New and Closed Issues Trend chart

Resolution Time

Resolution Time (by issue type)

Average Time in Status

Open Sprints Timeline

About chart portlets

Issue distribution graphs

Product issues

The Account settings page

The Additional Features page

The Billing Summary page

The Billing Preferences page

The Custom fields on User page

The Terminology page

Time report

Resource allocation report

Average time in status report

Initial response time report

Resolution time

In progress time

SLA Compliance

The Reports page

Issue Sources

Open issues

New/Closed issues trend

Estimated/Available time report

Product report

Burndown/Burnup report

Project Status report

Export to PDF

Issue history

First-time through

Report subscription

Issue distribution

Week numbers - Reports starting at january 1 - why am I seeing bars for week 52 or even 53?

Issue escalation

General panel

Projects panel

Online users panel

Last visited issues panel

Edit User page  

The Profile page

Add and manage users

User language setting

Merge users

User history

Search and filter on Users

User documents

Issues on User

Import users

Export users

View users log in/log out actions

Add several users to the same email account

Bank ID

User views - controlling who sees what fields on Users

Delete users

One User Group cannot create users with a specific User Group. Why?

Shared users

Anonymize users

Allowed user group combinations

Add and manage issues on companies

Company views - controlling who sees which fields on a Company

Custom fields on companies

Export companies

Import companies

Edit Company Types

Edit Company Statuses

Company organisational structure

Add and manage Companies

Kanban board

Cumulative Flow Diagram

Cycle time chart

Story point support

Issue link info-icon in the Issues list

Issue links Settings

Direct links to issues

Active links

Issue links and dependencies

Import from MS Project

Export in xls, csv, xml, pdf or rtf format

How do I import issues (tickets/cases) from other systems?

Importing issues

The issue Import file formatting

Column headers for Excel files uses a two-row format

Sub-issues and Export/Import

Export issue data into an Export template document

How to create Export templates

I have read that I could earn my user licenses for free! How do I do that?

How do I become a referral partner?

How much commission do I get when I refer a customer to you?

How is the sales commision paid out?

What are the benefits with the referral / affiliate partner program?

What are the responsibilities and limitations?

What are the benefits with the VAR program?

How to change my password?

My dashboard is blank, how come?

The screenshot applet/app doesn´t show, what is wrong?

The multi upload applet doesn't show, what is wrong?

The document editor applet doesn't show, what is wrong?

What is needed to enable Gantt charts?

Can I use @productName in two web browsers at the same time?

Can I prevent issues with a certain status/issue type from being shown in issue lists?

How to setup one mailbox for multiple projects?

Which issue types are available in @productName?

Is there a printer friendly view of an issue?

I already have a user but I can't log into the support center for @productName, how come?

Can I purchase the source code for @productName?

Can @productName be used in other types of projects than just software developnent?

Is @productName available in other languages than English?

Is there a spell checker in @productName?

The HTML of the description/incoming replies is corrupt and the content is not correct - Why?

How is the system built - what is the architecture?

We have problems relaying/sending emails, why?

How can I use the system for recruitment ?

Can @productName be used in IPad / Android tablet?

How do I see which user I'm currently logged in as?

I get errors using the multi upload or document editor applet/app, how do I get more info?

How can @productName be used?

How can we import data into @productName?

How do I integrate your application with another system?

@productName doesn't work in IE

'Plugin not supported' error message in Chrome for some functions (add screenshot, multiupload document, edit document content)

How to provide additional information using browser console

What are the core objects in the system and how do they relate?

I get an error message when the system tries to connect to the server, what does it mean?

What is Application Lifecycle Management (ALM)?

What types of custom fields are there?

How can I enable system notifications in web browser?

How can I start to use the new modern user interface?

Does VisionFlow support WCAG 2.1

How to change language for the login-page of the Hosted version

What predefined optional names are there in the terminology?

Which concepts or terms have optional alternate terminology?

Workflow for translation of @productName

How languages and terminology work in @productName

Why are some terms not translated?

Internationalization, terminology and language resource files..

Edit Product/Service/Component statuses

The Products/Services/Assets/Configuration Items/CMDB page

The product/service management module (asset/inventory/cmdb)

I can not see the products function, how do I add it?

Product and Release Management

Partner access / company access

The base Product/Config Item issue field is configurable like the custom Config Item fields

Relationship links between Product/Assets/Services/Config Items

Linking a Knowledge Base article to a Product/Service/Asset/Config item

I have created custom fields for Products/assets/configuration items, but I cannot see them on the items!

What products/services/CI´s are visible and can be set on an issue by a support user?

How do I add products to a company, so these are the only ones that can be set on issues?

How do I only show certain products/services on a given project?

Export products/services/assets/ConfigItems

Import products/services/assets/ConfigItems

IT Service Management in the system

Configuration item graph

The default configuration item types

Importing relationships of products/services/assets/Config items

Users and User groups on Contracts

Contracts for project delivery and maintenance

History on Contract

Documents on Contracts

Manage Contracts

Plugins / hooks - general instructions

How can we extend @productName on our own?


General links

How to find the ProjectID

Custom dashboards

Getting started with custom dashboard

How to configure custom dashboards

Issue source

"View rules" for Issues

Action buttons

Issue Urgency

Issue escalation levels

Issue Links - Project specific settings

Issue rules

Issue Types

Issue Statuses

Issue Severities

Issue Priorities

Custom Fields

Issue Fields

Issue Links - Default specification

Issue alerts

Issue resolutions

Interaction statuses



Notification Templates



Company views

Company view rules

Company Types

Company Statuses

Custom fields

Custom fields

Relationship types


General fields configuration

Product Statuses

Unit types

Expendable text fields


Contracts for Service Management (SLM/SLA)

Contract Statuses

General settings for contract and licenses

E-mail Templates

Custom fields for Contracts

Contract types

What does "Is administrator" and "Is project administrator" mean?


User Groups

Role Permissions


Billing summary

Billing preferences

1. Overview

2. Prerequisites

3. Configure Apache Tomcat

4. Configure the proxy server

What does "Lucene engine has been shutdown" mean in the log file?

Are we allowed to make changes in the source code?

Price update for 2023

Chat bot

Add support chat on your web site

Auto-refresh/data push to Dashboard portlets

Live support chat module

Enterprise/corporate chat module

Support chat in page (no pop-up).

Support chat in pop-up

Getting started with chat

How to use a Chat/XMPP client

5. Installing/loading certificate (Optional)

6. How do I know if the chat is working?

FAQ and common problems

1. Overview

2. Install XMPP Server

3. Install and configure the proxy server.

4. Enable chat module

Upgrade Tigase to 7.1.x

2.a Installing XMPP Server Windows

2.b Installing XMPP Server Linux

Migrate chat to websockets


How can do I see issues/meetings/events in my Outlook calendar?

Meeting management

How does the premium plus (phone) support work?

What type of support is covered by the support packages?

Premium support services

I get an LicenseVerificationException, how do I solve this?

What modules are available in @productName?

How many system user licenses do I need for the installable server (on-premise) version?

How do I activate additional features/modules?

What modules does the installed version include?

Where can I find the invoices for @productName?

How do I pay the invoices for @productName?

What happens if we do not pay our invoices on time?

Do I need to delete inactive users to avoid being billed for them?

When and how do I pay?

How do we cancel our @productName account?

Installed server version - what happens if we don´t pay the yearly upgrade/support fee?

Why is my credit card being denied? Why does it say that my card cannot be verified?

Problem paying via bank/wire transfer

How do we get invoiced for ordered features or services?

Getting started with the mobile app

How can I use the calendar in the mobile app?

The Timeline page

Items included in the Timeline

Modification of items

Create links in timeline view with drag and drop

5. Install and configure Elasticsearch

6. Verify your installation

2. Installation

1. Prepare the server

3. Install the license file

4. Initial configuration and configuration of the default account

7. Setup a test environment

How do I install and configure a proxy server with @productName?

Where can I download the installation/upgrade files for @productName?

Upgrade the installed version of @productName

Testing before upgrade

How do I backup and restore VisionFlow?

What to do if an upgrade fails?

Unified Support center

How many custom fields can I add on issues?

Remove or hide issue statuses

Regular expression format (regex)

Creating support user (customer) and give him/her access to support center

Examples using the API with PHP

How do I get or set custom fields on issues with the web service API

Logging in using the Web service API

Adding and editing worklogs using the Web service API

Using a queryObject


SLA Targets

Work Schedules

Work Schedule Exception Schemes

What is Idea Management?

To get started

Work log time settings

Work log Categories

CTI (Computer telephony integration) / Phone integration

Microsoft Exchange (EWS)

Emails for system integration with processing parse rules

Web Service API

SMS integration

Controlling level of information shown about meetings

Fortnox integration

Version Control Systems

Continuous Integration (CI) systems

What type of integrations do you have support for?

Google Maps in Company, Service, and User Management

OpenE integration

The Resource allocation page

I get an error: java.lang.IllegalStateException: Parameter count exceeded allowed maximum: 512

OpenJDK vs Oracle JDK

How do I move @productName to another server?

MySQL : Database connection is closed

Solve encoding problem on MySQL

How can I change the default file size allowed for upload?

How can I manually change the database settings for the system?

Where and how can I change the SMTP settings?







Custom fields - Project

How do I make the description field not mandatory?

What fields are not editable for support users in the support center?

What are common ticket/issue fields used for Help desk purposes?

How do I use multiple SLA's?

How do I create an SLA to close issues in status Message sent after 3 days?

How do I assign multiple SLA´s to the same company

How do I monitor due date with an SLA and get notified when date is getting near?

How do I pause the time in a SLA?

What are the different states a SLA target can have in the SLA tab on issues? (Achieved, Cancelled, et.c.)

How do I create a reminder to reply to issues within 1 day?

What is the "Change Modified Date" in an SLA Target Escalation rule?

Repairing broken description from the history event

How do I remove many issues at the same time with the SPAM function

How do I clear issue permission in the database?

How do I hide issue types and only show issue templates in the "new issue" menu?

How do I assign an issue to someone?

I want the system to automatically do something - should I create an Issue rule, a SLA/SLA Target escalation or an Issue alert?

How do I remove issues?

User view

User view rules

Log-in/log-out log

How to set up user views.

Custom Fields - User

Does the system stay in sync with LDAP after the first import?

If an account is deleted in @productName what happens then during next import.

If I import users from LDAP (AD) multiple times will that create duplicate users?

Does new users get imported automatically from LDAP (AD)?

How do I stop getting search subscription emails?

How do I change my default filter settings for the issues tab?

What ports needs to be opened between servers for VisionFlow to work?

Not all users are visible in the chat list

How can I  handle support centers for different languages?

How can I hide the Cookie consent text?

How can I change the logotype in the support center?

Can I embed the support center into my web site using IFrames?

How can I hide the user info from the start page?

What parameters are available to use in scripts in the support center?

What is the Support Center?

How can I configure the support center?

How do I test how the support center looks for support users?

How can I keep track of support cases/issues easily?

What is the private/white label (OEM) partner program

Expense types

Moving work logs

Work log categories

Work log settings

Adding Expenses

Manage expense types

Do I need to be a customer to become a partner?

Issue key








In progress


Owner group

Start date

Due date



Sprint (phase / version)

Affected Sprint

Estimated time

Actual time

Remaining time

Ticket id

Last replied by


Billing amount

Cost amount


Fixed billing amount (Fixed price)

Fixed time


Story points

Check list





Reporter Company


Source direction




Escalation level


Next Breach

Custom field (Various types)


Session timeout

Encrypting passwords in property files on server

Information about encrypting

Masking and encrypting credit card numbers

My email server is blocked behind a firewall, what IP numbers do I need to allow access from?

Images in emails are blocked in Outlook, how can I make them visible by default?

How can I transfer some emails into a project with drag and drop in Outlook?

How can I stop the ticket system from sending autoreplies to incoming automatic emails?

What happens if email ticket system fails to fetch emails?

Are my emails encrypted during transport?

How can I send en email reply when a user tries to email a closed ticket?

How and where can I send email from the system?

Email gets marked as spam with no apparent reason, why?

How do I block bulk emails from ending up in SPAM folder?

Solving problems with the email ticket system with Gmail

What happens if I receive an email into my private mailbox?

How do I change the appearance of the HTML notification mails sent by the system? (Example: Fix for black background)

Can I reply to an issues directly using an email client such as outlook?

Can I reply to issues using a mobile phone, such as an Android phone?

How can I configure the e-mail autoreply?

Why can´t I see the reply to correspondent link/icon on my issues?

Our email server is blocked behind our firewall, how can I make @productName fetch email from it?

How to send the user´s name when replying from VP?

What happens to attachments when emails are converted to issues by the ticket system?

What is the E-mail ticket system?

How is a message converted to an issue in @productName?

Privacy policy

Subprocessors and subcontractors

Security policy and backup routines

Information security policy - Swedish

Information Security Management System - Guidelines for security and safety - Swedish

2011-08-18 - @productName downtime

2011-02-28 - @productName outage

2012-11-20 - Firewall problems

2012-09-17 - @productName unavailable

2013-06-24 - System slow and unresponsive

2013‑08‑27 ‑ Service disruption

2013-07-17 - Service disruption

2013-03-12 - System slow and unreachable

2013-04-05 - Service unreachable

2013-11-11 - One application node is not responding

2013-09-27 - Email service disruption

2013-10-06 - DNS disruption

2013-10-07 - Service disruption due to DDos attack

How do I upgrade Tomcat from version 7 to the version 8.5?

How can I troubleshoot disk IO performance?

Server error: Too many open files

Troubleshooting performance problems in the installed version

The installation program hangs during upgrade, what can I do?

If all liquibase scripts do not execute correctly during upgrade, can I re-run the missing scripts?

Office365 - BAD Request is throttled

How do I upgrade Java and Tomcat from version 7 to the version 8.5?

I get some errors in the log files, what do they mean and how do I solve them?

Server error: SQLServerException: the connection is closed.

2014-08-12 - Performance issues

2014-11-19 - Service disruption

2014-11-19 - Service disruption

2014-11-20 - Service disruption

2014-01-14 ‑ Service disruption

2014-01-22 - Service disruption due to network problem

2014‑01‑31 ‑ Service disruption prior to planned work

2014‑04‑11 ‑ Service disruption due to infrastructure problem

2014‑04‑11 - Patch for heartbleed bug

2014-05-03 - Email ticket system disruption

2014‑05‑05 ‑ Email ticket system disruption

2014-07-02 - Service discruption

2014-07-08 - Email ticket system disruption

2013‑03‑22: 16:00 ‑ 18:00

2013‑02‑08: 16:00 ‑ 18:00

2013-12-14: 16:00 - 18:00

2013-10-18: 00:01 - 01:00

2013-10-26: 16:00 - 18:00

2013-06-23 : 10:00 - 11:30

2013‑09-27 : 00:20 - 05:20

2013-09-07 : 16:00 - 18:00

2013-06-28 : 02:30

2013-06-27 : 21:30

2013‑06‑30 : 09:00 ‑ 09:05

2013‑07‑02 : 02:00 - 04:00

2013‑07‑15 : 02:30 - 04:30

2013-06-15 : 16:00 - 17:30

2014-01-31: 03:00

2014-06-27 : 16:00 - 18:00

2014-11-21 : 00:01 - 01:00

2014-05-17: 16:00 - 18:00

2014-11-11 : 21:00 - 23:00

2014-09-07: 16:00 - 19:00

2014-12-15 : 00:01 - 01:00

2015-01-16 : 00:01 - 06:00

2015-06-13 : 17:00 - 23:30 : Planned work

2015-03-30 : 00:30

2015‑11‑14 : 16:00 ‑ 18:00 : Planned work

Main changes - a selection from 2015

How can I create a central list of locations or sites in the CMDB?

How can I create a link to a CI?

2015-08-31 - 02:25 - Service disruption

2015-06-03 - 03:54 - Service disruption for some customers

2015-04-13 - 17:23 - Service disruption for some customers

2015‑05-06 ‑ 12:23 ‑ Email ticket system disruption for some customers

2015‑07‑09 ‑ 02:24 ‑ Service disruption due to database problems

2015-07-11 - Urgent unscheduled maintenance

2015‑03‑24 ‑ 07:01 - Service disruption

2015-03-24 - 15:00 - Service disruption #2

2015-03-25 - Unscheduled maintenance

2015-01‑26 ‑ Service disruption for some customers

2015-01-27 - Email ticket system disruption

2016‑02‑06 : 16:00 - 18:00

2016-03-12 : 16:00 - 18:00

2016-04-22 - Planned downtime 2016-04-23

2016-04-23 3:00 - 6:00

2016-08-27: 11-12 (CET)

2016-10-22: 11-13(CET)

I get an ARITHABORT error when upgrading, what do I do?

Can we pay you to implement features?

What is a user?

Can you help us to customize the system?

What servers do you offer for the dedicated hosted version?

Does my company/organization qualify for a non-profit license for @productName?

Does my organization/project qualify for a free license?

When converting to an active subscription will my projects and issues be kept?

In how many countries do you have customers using @productName?

How can I obtain a free version of @productName?

Terms of use

GDPR - Common questions and answers

GDPR - General Data Protection Regulation

How much storage is includes in the system?


2017-09-07 19:00-19:30 CET

2017-08-12 10-12 AM CET

2017-05-19 00:01-04:00 AM CET

2017-01-14 10-12 CET

2017-03-17 00:00-04:00 AM CET

VisionFlow 13.0.8 has been released for installed on-premise customers

VisionFlow 13.0.27 has been released for installed on-premise customers

VisionFlow 13.0.43 has been released for installed on-premise customers

VisionFlow 13.0.49 has been released for installed on‑premise customers

VisionFlow 13.0.65 has been released for installed on-premise customers

VisionFlow 13.0.72 has been released for installed on‑premise customers

VisionFlow 13.0.75 has been released for installed on‑premise customers

VisionFlow 13.0.86 has been released for installed on‑premise customers

VisionFlow 14.2.5 has been released for installed on-premise customers

VisionFlow 14.1.6 has been released for installed on‑premise customers

VisionFlow 14.1.9 has been released for installed on‑premise customers

VisionFlow 14.4.8 has been released for installed on‑premise customers

VisionFlow 14.9.5 has been released for installed on‑premise customers

VisionFlow 14.6.6 has been released for installed on-premise customers

VisionFlow 14.5.13 has been released for installed on-premise customers

VisionFlow 14.10.9 has been released for installed on-premise customers

VisionFlow 15.2.4 has been released for installed on‑premise customers

VisionFlow 15.2.15 has been released for installed on‑premise customers

VisionFlow 15.3.14 has been released for installed on‑premise customers

VisionFlow 15.1.7 has been released for installed on‑premise customers

VisionFlow 17.0.4 has been released for installed on‑premise customers

VisionFlow 16.9.6 has been released for installed on‑premise customers

VisionFlow 16.10.13 has been released for installed on‑premise customers

VisionFlow 17.5.1 has been released for installed on‑premise customers

VisionFlow 17.2.17 has been released for installed on‑premise customers

VisionFlow 16.6.3 has been released for installed on‑premise customers

VisionFlow 16.3.17 has been released for installed on‑premise customers

VisionFlow 15.6.1 has been released for installed on‑premise customers

VisionFlow 15.7.5 has been released for installed on‑premise customers

VisionFlow 16.1.13 has been released for installed on‑premise customers

VisionFlow 15.11.8 has been released for installed on‑premise customers

VisionFlow 15.7.10 has been released for installed on‑premise customers

VisionFlow 19.2.9 has been released for installed on‑premise customers

VisionFlow 19.0.9 has been released for installed on‑premise customers

VisionFlow 19.4.1 has been released for installed on‑premise customers

VisionFlow 17.7.9 has been released for installed on‑premise customers

VisionFlow 17.8.12 has been released for installed on‑premise customers

VisionFlow 17.9.24 has been released for installed on‑premise customers

Log4J vulnerability and patch

VisionFlow 18.2.5 has been released for installed on‑premise customers

VisionFlow 18.5.15 has been released for installed on‑premise customers

VisionFlow 18.9.13 has been released for installed on‑premise customers

Main changed between version 17.0 and 18.0 during 2021

Main changes between version 18.0 and 19.0 during 2022

Main changes between version 15.4 and 15.8

Main changes between version 15.8 and 15.11

Main changes between version 14.11 and 15.1

Preliminary release plan for 2023

Main changes between version 15.1 and 15.4

Main changes between version 14.10 and 14.11

Main changes between version 14.0 and 14.6

Main changes between version 14.6 and 14.10

AUTHENTICATION FAILED error in email settings

I get "MessageException: connection timed out" when trying to configure the email ticket system

Why do I get a Messaging Exception when trying to connect to the email server?

I can´t access to our email server via IMAP/POP3, can I still use the email ticket system?

Access denied, Your organization does not allow external forwarding

BAD User is authenticated but not connected

How can I use the same username to access many mailboxes?

Rebuild Elasticsearch indexes

SEVERE: Exception loading sessions from persistent storage

2016‑01‑17 ‑ Problem with email ticket system

2016‑09‑28 - 15:13 ‑16:40 - Service disruption

2016-08-23 - 14:11 - 14:20 - Service disruption

2016‑10‑24 - 10:26 - Service disruption

2016-10-20 - 16:01 - Service disruption

2016-10-21 - 15:45 - Service disruption

2016-10-27 - 14:08 - Service disruption

2016‑10‑31 - 10:31 ‑ Service disruption

2016-11-15 - 12:15 - Cluster node restart

2016‑12-14 ‑ 11:30 ‑ Service disruption

2016-12-17 - 09:46 - Service disruption

2016-11-30 - 12:00 - Cluster node restart

2016‑12-07 ‑ 07:30 ‑ Service disruption

2016-06-06 - 21:20 - 21:26 - Service disruption

2016‑04‑03 ‑ 15:10 ‑ Service disruption due to network problems

2016‑04‑07 ‑ 02:30 ‑ Service disruption

2016‑02‑05 ‑ 08:00 ‑ Service disruption - email ticket system

2016-02-29 - 18:55 - Service disruption

2016-01-05 - 11:46 - Service disruption

2017-01-31, 9:25-11:09 - Cluster node restart

2017-03-03 - 11:40

2017-04-27 - 00:44 - Service disruption

2017-06-19 - Email ticket system disruption

2017‑09‑15 ‑ 05:35 ‑ 06:25 Service disruption

2017-09-22 - 04:10 - 06:35 Service disruption

2017‑09‑22 ‑ 10:07 ‑ 10:23 Service disruption

2017-09-11 - 02:30 - Urgent unplanned system maintenance

2017‑11-23 ‑ 08:22 ‑ 08:27 Service disruption

2017‑10‑20 ‑ Service disruption 07:30-08:18, 08:40-09:30 CET/UTC+1

2017‑11‑02 ‑ Service disruption 11:28-11:40

2018-01-09 11:07 - 11:08 Service disruption

2018-01-12  - Problems reaching our @productName teams by email

Solved. 2018-01-12  - Problems reaching our @productName teams by email

2018‑02‑21 09:30 ‑ 09:34 ‑ Cluster node restart

2018-02-28 07:55 - Problem with email import into the system

Solved - 2018-03-08 - Problems reaching external website

2018‑01‑30 ‑ 15.15-15.50 - Cluster node restart

2018-02-16 10:58 - 11:04 - Cluster node restart

2018‑06‑08 10:32 ‑ 10:36 Service disruption

2018-09-21 20:48-22:50 CET - Service disruption

2018-07-05 14:38 - 14:40 Service disruption

2018-08-06 07:22 - Service disruption

2018‑08‑29 ‑ Performance problems 14:01-15:15 CET/UTC+1

2018-11-19 16:19 - Cluster node restart

2018-11-20 13:47-14.20 - Problem saving issues

2018-12-10 10:47 - 10:53 - Service disruption

2018‑12‑17 00:01‑06:00 CET

2018‑08‑21 19:00‑22:00 CET

Web page maintenance: 2018‑10‑22 22:00‑22:15

2018-06-09 18:00-21:00 CET

2018-03-02 00:01-04:00 CET

2018-02-26 05:30-06:30 CET

2019-01-14 11:50-11:55 Cluster node restart

2019-01-29 11:10-11:15 Cluster node restart

2019‑02‑27 ‑ Problem with filters in issue list

2019‑03‑04 ‑ Problems with email fetching

2019-02-01 - Problems with email fetching

2019‑04‑04 15:48 ‑ 15:50 ‑ Service disruption

2019-04-25 Cluster node restart

2019‑04‑25 ‑ Service disruption

2019-04-26 - Cluster node restart

2019-05-14 14:20 - 14:25 - Service disruption

2019‑05‑02 ‑ Service disruption

2019‑05‑06 10:45-10:48 ‑ Cluster node restart

2019-05-25 08:01 - 09:11 - Service disruption

2019-05-26 07:31 - 10:22 - Service disruption

2019-09-13 Performance problems

2019-10-04 Cluster node restart

2019-10-07 Service disruption

2019-10-09 15:14 - 15:24 Service disruption - performance problems

2019-10-16 Problems sending email for some customers

2019‑10‑18 15:09 ‑ 15:17 ‑ Performance degradation - Cluster node restart

2019‑10‑22 15:11 ‑ 15:18 ‑ Temporary performance problem

2019-10-23 - 06:30 - 06:45 Urgent unplanned system maintenance

2019-10-23 -  Intermittent DNS probems in our infrastructure

2019-12-12 - DNS problem in our infrastructure

2019‑12‑19 Cluster node restart

2019-11-04 -  Intermittent DNS probems in our infrastructure

2019‑11‑12 10:35 ‑ Performance degradation - Cluster node restart

2019-06-03 14:32-14:38 Service Disruption

2019-06-01 06:41 - 08:33 - Service disruption

2019‑06-03 System down for maintenance : 01:00 ‑ 06:20 CET

2019‑07‑22 System down for maintenance : 19:00 ‑ 21:00 CET

2019-08-26 Maintenance in service provider infrastructure : 00:00 - 04:00 CET

2019-09-06 23:00 - 2019-09-07 06:00 CET - Website maintenance

2019‑11‑06 System down for maintenance : 20:00 ‑ 21:00 CET

2019‑10‑25 Maintenance in service provider infrastructure : 00:00 ‑ 06:00 CET

2019‑05‑27 System down for maintenance : 01:45 ‑ 06:30 CET

2019‑04‑11 21:00‑21:30 CET

2019‑05‑23 20:00‑20:30 CET

2019‑04‑02 20:00‑21:30 CET

2019‑02‑20 21:00‑22:00 CET

2019-01-28 00:01-04:00 CET

2019‑01‑21 20:00-21:00 CET

Incident management

Problem management

Set user permission

Text field (single-line)

Select list (Single choice)

Yes/No (Boolean/checkbox)

Select list (Multiple choice)

Date field

Date-Time field

User (without support users)

User (with support users)


Configuration Item (Product/Asset/Service/etc)




Info text

Text Area (multi-line)

History sub-tab

Sub-issues sub-tab

Attached files sub-tab

Links sub-tab

Work logs sub-tab

Expenses sub-tab

KB links sub-tab

SLA sub-tab

Commits sub-tab

Subscriptions sub-tab

Permissions sub-tab

General about sub-tabs and/or sub-sections

2020-03-23 - System down for maintenance : 20:00 - 21:00 CET

2020-04-29 - Maintenance in service provider infrastructure : 06:30 ‑ 08:00 CET

2020‑07‑01 - Maintenance in service provider infrastructure : 18:00 ‑ 22:00 CET

2020‑10‑01 - Maintenance in service provider infrastructure: 00:00 ‑ 06:00 CET

2020-10-24 - System down for maintenance, starting at 11:00 CET

2020‑10‑27 - System down for maintenance : 20:00 ‑ 20:30 CET

2020‑11‑17 ‑ Maintenance in service provider infrastructure: 18:00 - 21:00 CET

2020‑12‑10 ‑ Intermittent connectivity issues

2020‑10‑08 ‑ Intermittent connectivity issues

2020‑09‑29 ‑ Intermittent connectivity issues

2020-09-08 - Intermittent connectivity issues

2020-09-15 - Intermittent connectivity issues

2020-06-03 - Cluster node restart

2020‑04‑15 - Problems viewing issues/tickets

Telavox (CTI)

Install Centrifugo

Configure Nginx for Centrifugo

Configure Visionflow for Centrifugo

Configure Centrifugo

Upgrade Centrifugo to v4

Breach types - General overview

Issue has not changed for X hours

Start date

Due X hours from now

In progress more than X hours

Time in Start or Running statuses more than X hours

2021‑04‑10 ‑ System maintenance 10.00‑11.00

2021‑04‑21 ‑ System maintenance 06.15‑07.15

2021‑03‑29 - Extended maintenance 07.00-08.30

2021‑04‑28 ‑ System down for maintenance : 06:15 ‑ 06:30

2021‑06‑04 ‑ System down for maintenance : 06:20 - 07:20

2021‑08‑04 ‑ System down for maintenance : 06:20 - 07:20

2021‑08‑11 ‑ System down for maintenance : 06:20 - 07:20

2021‑09‑14 ‑ System down for maintenance : 19:00 ‑ 20:00

2021‑04‑23 ‑ Service disruption

2021‑05‑07 ‑ Service disruption

2021‑02‑15 - Service disruption

2021-01-14 - Service disruption

2021-03-10 ‑ Minor service disruption

Main changes in version 13.0

Main changes in version 11.1

Main changes in version 11.3

Main changes in version 11.4

Main changes in version 12.0

Main changes in version 11.2

Main changes in version 11.0

Main changes in version 10.5

Main changes in version 10.6

Main changes in version 10.7

Main changes in version 12.1

Main changes in version 12.2

Main changes in between version 13.0 and 14.0

Preliminary release plan for 2018

Main changes in version 10.1

Main changes in version 10.2

Main changes in version 10.3

Main changes in version 10.4

Main changes in version 10.0

Main changes in version 9.6

Main changes in version 9.7

Main changes in version 9.3

Main changes in version 9.5

Main changes in version 9.4

Main changes in version 9.1

Main changes in version 9.2

Main changes in version 9.0

Main changes in version 3.2.1

Main changes in version 3.2.3

Main changes in version 4.0

Main changes in version 3.2.2

Main changes in version 3.2

Main changes in version 3.1.1

Main changes in version 3.1

Main changes in version 2.3

Main changes in version 3.0

Main changes in version 2.4.2

Main changes in version 2.4.1

Main changes in version 2.1.2

Main changes in version 2.1

Main changes in version 2.2

New features in version 2.1.1

Main changes in version 2.4

Main changes in version 6.1

Main changes in version 5.2.1

Main changes in version 5.3

Main changes in version 5.4

Main changes in version 5.1

Main changes in version 5.2

Main changes in version 5.0.2

Main changes in version 5.0.1

Main changes in version 4.1

Main changes in version 5.0

Main changes in version 7.2

Main changes in version 7.0.2

Main changes in version 7.1

Main changes in version 7.0

Main changes in version 7.0.1

Main changes in version 6.0

Main changes in version 6.2

Main changes in version 6.3

Main changes in version 6.4

Main changes in version 8.3

Main changes in version 8.2

Main changes in version 8.4

Main changes in version 8.5

Main changes in version 8.1

Main changes in version 8.0

Main changes in version 7.2.1

Main changes in version 7.3

Main changes in version 7.5

Main changes in version 7.4

Main changes in version 7.5.1

Configure VisionFlow for ClamAV

Rating on issue - Notification template

2022-06-16 12:30 - Minor unscheduled service disruption

2022-01-11 - Service disruption - Search engine

2022-06-13 - Service disruption

2022-10-28 09:20 - Minor unscheduled service disruption

2022‑05‑18 ‑ User group problem after standard patch

2022‑03‑28 ‑ Cluster node restart

2022‑12-16 ‑ Service disruption

2022-11-11 11:00 - Minor unscheduled service disruption

2022-11-01 - Service disruption

2022-11-02 - Service disruption

2022-11-03 - Minor Service disruption

2022‑11‑24 ‑ Service disruption

2022‑11‑23 ‑ Service disruption

2022-09-15 - Service disruption

2022-09-19 10:20 - Minor unscheduled service disruption

2022‑09‑22 ‑ Service disruption

2022-08-19 12:10 - Minor unscheduled service disruption

2022-09-08 10:00 - Minor unscheduled service disruption

2022-07-28 12:30 - Minor unscheduled service disruption

2022-07-06 12:30 - Minor unscheduled service disruption

2022‑10‑13 ‑ System down for maintenance : 05:30 ‑ 06:45

2022‑10‑27 ‑ System down for maintenance : 06:00 ‑ 06:30

2022‑11‑10 ‑ System maintenance : 06:00 ‑ 07:00

2022-02-28 - System down for maintenance : 06:20 - 07:20

2022‑01‑21 ‑ System down for maintenance : 06:20 ‑ 06:30

2022‑01‑11 ‑ System down for maintenance : 06:20 - 07:20

Rest API - Introduction

2023-04-24 - Service Disruption in Pre Production

2023-02-17 - Test environment down for maintenance

2023-05-05 - Downtime for 20 minutes in PreProduction

2023-01-13 - Test environment down for maintenance

2022-11-26 / 2022-11-27 - System maintenance

Test environment down for maintenance

Test environment down for maintenance

2023-02-04 - System down for maintenance

2023-04-29 - System down for maintenance (Cancelled)

2023-05-06 - System down for maintenance

2023-06-03 - System down for maintenance

2023-06-10 - System down for maintenance

2023-06-17 - System down for maintenance

2023-01-25 - Email disturbance related to Office365/Azure service disruption

2023-02-12 - Service disruption

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