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Info text field - Type description



Short description:


This is not a real value field per se, but a holder for information text that is shown on an issue, mixed in among the issue fields.






Default name: (None, custom fields have no defaults)

Terminology variations: None


In-Use: Optional. This type of field can be set to be used in the issue field configuration.


Mandatory:  As this type of field is not actually an input field it cannot be set as mandatory.


Data type: This is not an input field, so it does not have a data type per se, but is handled as a custom field type for simplicity. This shows a small information text that is shown on the issue, but is not editable in the issue. 

 In issue lists and grids, it will not be shown. 


Access restrictions: 




Affected by these settings: 


General > Settings > Issue configuration >Custom fields:

Here you can edit the names, types and settings of custom fields.


Note: The settings for this field type has two additional sections:

  • a small HTML editor, where you can enter the info text ( with simple formatting like bold/italic/underlined, font type and size, colors and lists) 
  • A checkbox "Information text should use the entire width of the issue".
    • If this is not checked, the information text layout will be contained in the space for a single issue field - i.e. in just one column on the issue.
    • If this is checked, the information text will be layouted to the whole width of the issue, and next field will be set in the next row.  






Use cases: Used when you want some additional explanatory text in your issue. Perhaps explaining more about some other field the info text is adjacanent to.

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