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Field description - Priority



Short description:


The Priority field shows how important the issue is. For example, if an issue has a "Very High", High", "Medium",  "Low" "Very Low", or a user-defined Priority.


You can have "predefined" priorities or use priorities in the form 1,2,...n. 







Default name: Priority

Terminology variations: None


In-Use: Optional. This field can be set to be used in the issue field configuration.


Mandatory: Optional. This field can be set as mandatory, but need not be.


Data type: A priority from the list of priorities available. Priorities are defined in General > Settings > Issue configuration > Issue priorities.


Access restrictions: (Default) "Read/Write" when created.  Editing: "Read/Write" for all internal users, and "Read/Write if Owner or Reporter" for support users.




Affected by these settings: 


General > Settings > Issue configuration > Issue priorities:

Here you can edit the names and appearances (icon, background color etc) as well which is the default priority.


Project > Settings > Edit workspace info > Priorities - Use predefined priorities 
The Use predefined priorities should be selected if you want to use the predefined (as above) priorities in a dropdown list. 
If you want to be able to write a number in a text field leave this box unchecked. 


Project > Settings > Email > Processing rules

The priority of an issue created by incoming email can be set according to processing rules.


General > Settings > Issue configurations > Issue rules.

Priority can be used in issue rules, either as a criterion, or being set in the rule action.





Use cases: Priority is an important field, and helps you determine how important the issue is. You usually handle the issues with highest priority first.

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