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 The product/service management module (asset/inventory/cmdb) Export knowledge base Export     SubscribeSubscribe      Show article info

What is the product/service/asset management module and why do you need it?

This module can be useful in many different scenarios depending on your organization and work processes (see use cases below).


Primarily this module is used to define, categorize and manage information related to your products, services, components and other type of assets in your organization, as well as keeping track of information and issues related to them. You can think of this as catalog/database where your products/applications/assets in your organization. 


Like other things in VisionFlow you can change the terminology for "products" to match what suits your organization best, such as "services"/"assets"/"systems"/"components" or other things.


Under the function "products" in the "general" section on the left, you can create a tree where you can categorize your products/components/assets/configuration items (CI's).Knowledge Base Images/Products / configuration management/cmdb.png


The configuration items (CI's) in the tree can be any type of object that you want  to keep  track of, see some examples below:

  • IT Products
  • IT services
  • Business services
  • Business goals
  • Software
  • Hardware
  • Physical assets
  • Locations/sites
  • Categories
  • Release
  • etc.


How do I start using products/services/components?

To use products/services/components on your issues, you will need to add this field to your issues.


You can do this in the "Issue field configuration" for your project, by following the steps below:

  • Go to the account settings (General -Settings)
  • Click on "issue fields"
  • Click on the issue field configuration for the projects you want to change, normally "default"
  • Tick the checkbox "Product".
  • Click the green edit icon on "Product" to specify Product/item type, and/or if only part of the product tree should be used,
  • Save the issue field configuration.
  • Now, when you add/edit issues the new product field will be available.

Use cases

Why do you need the products/services (CMDB) module then? Well it depends on what business you are in and how you currently use VisionFlow.


Among other things, by using the products/services module, it will make it possible for you to :

  • Create a logical breakdown structure of your products/services
  • Store important information related to your products/services/components in one central place
  • Track the statuses of your products/services/components
  • Plan work/features/improvements related to your products/components
  • Quickly get an overview of the incidents or change requests reported on your different products/services/components
  • Make it easy for users/customers to report incidents on your products/services/components
  • Easily get an overview of all planned tasks/features for all your products no matter what project they have been planned for
  • You can keep track of which customers use a product or service, and also keep track of any Service Level Agreements related to this.
  • And so on...




What would you like us to add into this module? Please let us know about your needs by contacting our support.

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