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The hosted version of VisionFlow 7.0.2 was released on the 28th of February 2011


See below for details about the new features and improvements in this release. If you have any questions or need some clarification in some of the areas, then just add a comment to the KB-article or send us an email.


The installed version is scheduled for release on the 1st of March 2011.



Issue management


Dependency option between Owner and Owner group

It is now possible to have the issue fields "Owner" and "Owner group" dependent on each other. These are the "rules" for this:


  • If an Owner group is selected the "Owner"-field will be filtered to only show users that is a member of the selected "Owner group".
  • If an Owner is selected the Owner group will automatically be set to the Owner's group.


To enable this feature on a project, go to the Settings tab, General sub-menu and "General issue settings".

Knowledge Base Images/Project Settings/ownergroup-owner-dependency.png



Ability to set "No parent" in context menu

When using "Sub issues -> Choose parent" in the context menu, you can now choose to set "No parent" to simply "un-connect" an issue from a parent-issue.



User management


Export and import users/contacts

It is now possible to export and import user/contact data. These features are available in the "Actions"-menu in the Users panel.



Knowledge Base Images/Roles and User groups/users-menu.png



More information for export of users is available here.


More information for import of users is available here.





Email after closing an issue

Before version 7.0.2: when setting an issue to a "Completed"-status and the issue has been created by a Support user, an option to do a "Email reply" to the Support user will be shown. If you choose to do an "Email reply" the status of the issue will be the same as configured in the field "Status change for existing issues -> Reply is sent" in the "E-mail ticket system".


Starting from version 7.0.2: The configuration in "E-mail ticket system" will not be considered in this particular case so the status of the issue will not be changed.





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