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 How to transfer incomplete issues from one sprint/phase to the next for further work in the new sprint/phase  Export knowledge base Export     SubscribeSubscribe      Show article info

Copying the incomplete issue to the next sprint is a good solution, as it would not change the active sprint.

Basically, you'd have to click copy/transfer issue (or user the context menu option), and then select these options:

  • Copy to the same project
  • Check "Create link" so you can navigate between the issues
  • Check "Copy documents"  
  • Check "Copy issue history"
  • When copying, you should get a question whether you want to open the new issue. Click yes, as you want to edit some things.
  • You need to change estimated time and actual time to reflect the smaller remaining scope of the issue in the new sprint. 
  • (Example: Issue with Est time =40h, Actual time=30h, Remaining time= 10h is copied to new sprint -> Change the times manually to Est time =10h, actual time=0h, Remaining time=10h.)  
  • Change the sprint/phase to the next, and save.


Now you can add work on the issue again, and the actual and remaining times should count down as normal.

When copying the issue to the new sprint, but you should be aware that:

  • Estimated time, remaining time and actual time values are copied over, and reflect the original issue. That's why you need to adjust change estimated time and actual time to match the smaller scope of the issue in the new sprint. 
  • Work logs are not copied over, they're specific to the issue. 

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