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This shows changes made to the issue over time



Here you can see exactly how the issue has changed ownership, status, has had new attachments, work logs, or edited
The history events are shown as a list that can be collapsed/expanded, sorted and filtered on.


At the top, there are a number of functions:

  • Expand all - this expands all events so you can see the contents
  • Collapse all - this collapses all events so that you only see the event header, who made the change and when.
  • Sort oldest first - this shows the oldest events at the top and the newest at the bottom of the list
  • Sort newest first - this shows the newest events at the top and the oldest at the bottom of the list
  • View: - this filters the event list a little on the three options below:
    • All - this shows all events
    • Comments only - this shows only comments and emails etc in the list. Not changes to issue fields, etc.
    • Changes only - this shows changes to the issue but not comment/emails.



History events can have some action icons:

Not all event types have all icons/actions:

  • Add to KB - adds the content of this comment/email as the content of a new KB article. This can be useful when you have just written an explanation in an e-mail and want to use that as basis for a knowledge base article.
  • Forward - This sends the comment/email to a new user that has not been involved in the email conversation before.
  • Split to new issue - this creates a new issue with the comment text as description. A new event is added that clarifies what event was split out. The event split out is still kept on the original issue though.
  • Reply - this sends a new email reply to the user who sent in the email event.
  • Edit - this allows you to edit a comment

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