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 How do I remove many issues at the same time with the SPAM function Export knowledge base Export     SubscribeSubscribe      Show article info

The SPAM function removes both the issue/ticket and the user that has been created behind the scenes when an email is reported


However, in some cases you may have received emails from the user in the past, and then you will get a warning message when using the SPAM function.


In this case you will have to remove previous issues/tickets one by one before you can use the SPAM function.


The easiest way to do this is to:


  • Edit the issue/task you are trying to remove
  • Click on the information icon to the right of the reporter field
  • Click on the link "Issues created by the user"
  • Right click on each of the issues/tasks and choose remove (except for the last one)
  • On the last of the issues/ticket in the list click "SPAM"

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