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With each revision of the VisionFlow software, significant advances are made in both the feature set and usability of the software. Here are some of the highlights of version

Batch update

Lets you do anything to a group of issues that you can do to a single issue. You can select multiple issues on the list page with checkboxes. Then make any change to a group of issues (for example, change all their priorities) at once. You can also choose to Transfer, Copy or Delete a group of issues at once.

Estimated time added

Every issue now has an estimated time (hours) field.The field is displayed in the Issues tab lists and in the reports.

New “Unassigned” view in the Issues tab

This view displays all active issues that don’t have an owner.

Copy of an issue

When copying an issue you can now choose to copy the documents as well.

External user access

A user in the role “External” can now only change name, description, severity, version and estimated time on issues that she has created herself.

Changed layout in notification mail

The notification mail, that is sent when for example a status has changed, has a new layout. The new layout makes it easier to quickly grasp which
issue that has been changed.

Bug fixes

Believe it or not but VisionFlow has a few bugs as well and all known has
been fixed in the 2.1 version.

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