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These are the main changes made in the system since the release of VisionFlow 14.11 as of February 6th.


Configuration/asset management

+ New standard configuration type "Location" - this means that you more easily can create locations in the system and keep track of assets located at that location or issues related to that location

+ Improved speed in searches, both in main search and on linked CIs/Assets (using CI custom fields)

+ Increased street name field size on addresses

+ Searching on CI fields on issue should not include inactive nodes


Issue management

+ Possible to link to KB articles in other projects/workspaces

+ Better support for incoming calls in the "Call" function, by making it possible to choose IN or OUT right away in the popup dialog 

+ Meeting invitations that are forwarded to new people are now handled better by adding new users automatically on issues if they accept meetings

+ Issue history events on meeting invitations, so you more easily can see what has been sent out to different people

+ Improve performance on issue list on projects/workspaces for large scale installations, i.e. more than 50 projects and more than 15 different Issue field configurations


Mobile app

+ Google map link on companies 



+ Time Report : New fields, issue start and stop date, so it is easy to see discrepancies between work log and issue dates

+ Time Report : New status filter, so it is easy to just see time reports for completed issues, or issues that are ready to invoice



+ New "Custom dashboard" that can be shared between teams or in the whole organization and that will look the same for everyone.

+ Make it possible to show "custom dashboard" on separate screen with a link



+ Sometimes not all previous messages/emails are visible when you send emails from the system

+ Save button missing from recurring tickets sometimes

+ If you remove sprint (project phase) and navigate back to the Kanban board, then the Sprint name is just a number

+ Company import function has stopped working for some customers

+ Sometimes are imported emails formatted incorrectly for some locales so that description field looks strange

+ Icons on new issue form are sometimes hidden from view in some browsers

+ Planning menu in General section looks strangely formatted sometimes

+ Context menu on sub issue does not work

+ Remove trailing space in generated Location name for Swedish locale

+ Send invitation to attendees on meetings doesn't always send an invitation


Did you know?

The version number 15 means that VisionFlow has been on the market for 16 years (15 + 1), the official version was 0 during the first year ��

You can always ask questions or suggest improvements by creating a ticket/issue in hour support center at

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