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The general search function is available on top of the start screen page in the support center in all new projects/workspaces that you create. This makes it possible for your your customers and end-users to search for anything in the support center in one place. 



Knowledge Base Images/Support center/general_search.png


For VisionFlow customers that are already using the support center function (prior to version 10.3) you need to do the following changes to activate the general search function :



1. Open the Support center header section in the project-settings where you want to add the search

2. Open the Support center design section in the project-settings where you want to add the search


3. Create a new project, to get the new search-configuration

4. Open the Support center header section in the project-settings for the new project

5. Compare the HTML text in the header section in the new and old projects, see step 1.)

6. Copy the necessary changes from the new project to the old project, or just copy all text (if you have made no changes to the default look design).

And then finally:

7. Paste the text below:




Where you want the search box to appear, we recommend that you put it on top of the page, above the text below:


<!-- Main content -->
<div id="supportContent">
<div id="supportContentMain">

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