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 How can I use the calendar in the mobile app? Export knowledge base Export     SubscribeSubscribe      Show article info

The calendar on your phone is a good complement to the mobile app. By using this you will be able to see all your tasks and meetings from VisionFlow in the calendar. 


When you click on a meeting or task in the calendar you can then see information about the meeting or task. You will also see a link that you can click on to be able to open it the mobile app on your phone or tablet.



To set up your calendar in your mobile phone or tablet you basically follow the same steps as if you want to show/subscribe to the VisionFlow calendar on your PC in Outlook or Google Calendar or in another application. 


See below for information how to subscribe to the VisionFlow calendar on an android phone/tablet, but the procedure is similar on a Apple phone/tablet or a Windows tablet.


1.) Open the VisionFlow on your PC using the classic theme link:

2.) Open the calendar function in the general panel on the left

3.) Click on the iCal link available on the right: 

4.) In the popup copy the URL for "My issues" which is your tasks and meetings

5.) Open Google Calendar in your web browser in Chrome on your PC

6.) Click on Settings for Google Calendar

7.) Click on "Add calendar" "Add by URL", paste the URL from VisionFlow and click "Add calendar"

8.) After this you can open Google Calendar on your phone and select to see the calendar you added above


For more information about adding calendars on Android phones, you can see here:

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