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The corporate branding module comes in two versions and let you hide the VisionFlow logo in the system.

The basic corporate branding version:  


Replace the VisionFlow logotype with your own to hide the VisionFlow logotype(suggested size maximum 75 px height).

Read more information here: About logotypes


The complete branding version:                


Knowledge Base Images/General/General_Other_Branding.png



Redirecting your domain to our servers 


If you have purchased the complete corporate branding module you can redirect your domain to our servers, such as or Please note that this task may take several days and you need to plan ahead for this!


To do this you have to follow the steps below:

  1. Reconfigure your DNS to point your domain to our servers, by either:
    • adding an A record pointing to our IP
    • Or, using a CNAME record to point a subdomain of your choice to
  2. Let us know what domain you want to use by emailing us on
  3. We will then update our SSL certificate on our servers for the domain you have chosen. Then after this has been updated all emails from the system will also use your domain name.

    Please note that the delivery time for this step is usually 1-2 weeks, so you need to plan ahead for this!

  4. If you want to do a redirect from your domain name directly to the login page or to one of your support centers, you can do that by adding redirects in the "Domain redirection" table from General -> Other configurations -> Branding, please contact our support team is you need guidance.   
    • For example you can add redirects like the ones below:
      from to
      from  to
      from to (this last example can be used to get your logo visible on the logon page) 
    • Please note that the "Home URL" and "Redirect Home URL to URL" values should never be the same

Note: if you decide to remove the dns record pointing your domain to our IP sometime in the future please notify us of this so we can remove your domain from our SSL certificate.

Important: if you add a CAA-record to the DNS for the domain pointing to our IP, you need to contact us in order to get info about how to also add our certificate provider. If you don't do this, the next time the certificate is reissued (usually every few months), your domain will be omitted, and you'll have to pay for another SSL reissuing to be included again.

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