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 How can I configure the support center? Export knowledge base Export     SubscribeSubscribe      Show article info

Activate it 

You configure the support center on the "Support center" tab --> "design" page. The
support center is pre-defined to work out of the box and the only thing you need to 
do is to activate it, using the  checkbox on the "Support center" --> "General" page.

Infinite number of support centers

One of the benefits with the support center in VisionFlow is, since it is included in a
project, that you can actually have an indefinite number of support centers in your
account such as:
and so on ...

Quick configuration

Even though the support center for your projects works out of the box, some minor
changes are recommended to suit your needs. What you also will need to do is to
specify if your support users are required to login before accessing the support
center and if he/she should be able to create users themselves or if you must do
that for them (to have control of the users accessing the information or registering

Normally the html in the text areas in the "Support center" --> "design" page does
not have to be changed much and can only be linked to, using the public URLs  such as:
Naturally you can make changes, such as replacing the stylesheet file  to match your
company graphic profile, and such if you like.

Bug/issue forms

Since issue management is one of the features built into the support center of
VisionFlow so you don't need to build any input forms yourself if you want
users to be able to submit bugs, feature requests or other information to your
projects. You can also specify what fields you want to be visible in the forms by
editing the Isssue Field Configuration that your project uses, see "Account settings"
--> "Issue Fields"


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