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How do I log on to VisionFlow?

To access VisionFlow, type the URL into your web browser’s address bar. You should
see a screen similar to the one shown in the figure below.


User log in page
Example: The VisionFlow Login screen.

This is the VisionFlow log in screen. If you do not see a log in screen, verify that you
have entered the URL correctly. If you did not make a typing mistake, contact your
system administrator to verify that you have the correct URL.  

To proceed, you must log in to the system by providing a valid user name and password. 

To log in to the System:


1. Type your user name in the Username box.

2. Type your password in the Password box.

3. Check the checkbox "Login automatically " if you don't want to enter username and
password every time you log on. This stores your username and password in a cookie
on your computer, so only use this if you are sure that our computer is secure enough.

4. Click the Login button


If you cannot log in:

1. Verify that your username and password were entered correctly, including any capital letters in the password.

2. Contact your system administrator to verify that you have the correct username.


If you have forgotten your password:

1. Click on the link "Forgot password?", then specify your username and click on the "Get New password" button.

2. The system will generate a new password that will be sent to your email address.

3. Log in again, using the new password.

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