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It is possible to integrate with VisionFlow from any continuous integration (CI) software such as Jenkins by using one of our REST services. For this to be used you need the product/asset/service/CMDB module.


The restservice is available via URL: and accepts the following parameters via HTTP POST:


projectHash=<your project hash> (this is visible in Project --> Settings --> Simple forms --> Form fields )

name=<name of the ci to be created> (Such as 1.0.1)

type=<CI-type (eq. Release or Build)>


Optional parameters that can also be specified are:


parent=<path to parent eq MyProduct/Builds or MyProduct>

tag=<some text string>

startDate=<yyyy-MM-dd hh:mm:ss>

endDate=<yyyy-MM-dd hh:mm:ss>


So for Jenkins you can specify this in an ant file such as shown in the following example:


<post to="" verbose="true">
    <prop name="projectHash" value="${projectHash}"/>
    <prop name="name" value="${currentRelease}"/>
    <prop name="type" value="Release"/>
    <prop name="parent" value="VisionFlow/Releases"/>
    <prop name="tag" value="Production"/>
    <prop name="startDate" value="${NOW}"/>
    <prop name="endDate" value="${NOW}"/>

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