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How can I manage issues for sprints efficiently in the issues tab? Export knowledge base Export     SubscribeSubscribe      Show article info

You can choose to either go through the Sprint page or create a filter for a sprint and edit/manage issues from the sprint that way.


You create a filter for a sprint very easily, by just:

1.Click "searches" on navigation panel in the the bottom left of the screen

2.Click "New search"

3.Choose project for the filter

4.Add criteria, for example "Sprint" and enter the name of the version, such as "1.0"

5.Click Save

6.Enter a name, such as "Sprint 1.0", as well as a descrpition and settings for the filter. When done press Save

7.Now the filter will be available in the "Common filters:" dropdown on the issues tab and will contain the same issues as on the sprint.

8.From this view you can right click on issues directly in the table to edit them or change attributes on them very easily. To "go back" from editing an issue, just click on the issues tab again and the previous issue list.

For more info on filters, see here

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