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Improved Custom Fields


Custom fields have been enhanced in several ways:

Custom fields - a new tab in (account) Settings, where you can create new custom fields. New fields can then be added to an issue field configuration. Projects with that issue field configuration will then use the new custom fields like an ordinary field.

Export - added custom fields can be exported like ordinary fields.

Search - added custom fields can be used as criteria for searches.

Note: We recommend that custom fields in project settings (1-5 fields) be converted to custom fields on account levels (Settings - issue configuration - custom fields). Just select the same setup for the custom field in the account settings as you had in the project settings. Then edit the issue field configuration for your project to include the new custom field.


Read below for a more detailed description of how to create new custom fields:

How to create custom fields; Migrating custom fields from project to account 

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