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To get Ideas up and running, you need to:

  • Make sure you have activated the support center module (General --> Settings --> Additional features)
  • Add "Votes" and "Published" fields to the issue field configuration for your project (General --> Settings --> Issue configuration --> Issue fields)
  • Allow your users to vote on ideas/issues  (General->Settings-> Roles/Groups/Role Permission)
  • Enable idea management on your project (Project --> Support center --> General --> Enable Ideas)
  • Add the ideas component to your support center, by following the detailed steps below
  • Run version 8.2 or higher (if you have an installed version of VisionFlow) 

Detailed steps to add/enable the ideas management component to the support center

1. Add the Ideas link in the top "header" in your Support Center. 


  • Go to your project --> "Support center" tab --> "Design"
  • Click header
  • Scroll down until you see something like: 
    <li id="menuissuetracking"> <a href="YourUrl/">Your tickets</a> </li>
  • Below this row add:
    <li id="menuideas"> <a href="YourUrl/">Ideas</a> </li> Change YourUrl and YourCenterCode to yours

2. Now to enable Ideas on the Support Center.


  • You need to add 2 new fields to the issue field configuration for your project (General --> Settings --> Issue configuration --> Issue fields):  
    • Add the issue field "Votes" to the Support Project. Make sure support users have read/write access to the field.   
    • Add the issue field "Published" to the Support Project.   
    • If you are using releases you should make sure the Releases have End date. 
    • Also make sure support users have read access to the issue field "Release". 
  • Go to Project-> Support Center -> General settings.
  • Check the checkbox "Enable Idea Managment" and choose the issue type that will be used when creating "Ideas".
  • Click on Save. 


3. If you want to the support users to be able to vote on the issues you must add the permission to allow this. 


  • Go to General->Settings-> Roles/Groups/Role Permission.
  • Under the section Issues you have the Function Vote. Add support users to use this function.     


4. Publish issue.


  • Open an issue that you want to publish. And check the issue field "Published".
  • If you want to users to be able to vote on this issue you should  check "Enable voting" on the side bar "Voting" of the issue. 


5. Now that you have published an issue you should be able to see it in the Support center.


  • Go to your support center and click on ideas.  


6. If you want to see Issues under the "Planning" filter in "Ideas" you should set the Release field on the issue. Make sure that your Releases have an End date.

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