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 How do I monitor due date with an SLA and get notified when date is getting near? Export knowledge base Export     SubscribeSubscribe      Show article info

Sometimes you want the system to notify you when an issue is nearing its due date, and perhaps change its status automatically as well.


This cannot be done by issue rules (Why? Issue rules trigger on actions performed, and you want the system to passively check the current time versus the due date.).


To set this up, you need to use SLA/SLA target.




  • If you are not already using SLA's, you need to add the 'SLA' and 'Next breach' issue field.
    • This is done in the issue field configuration settings (General - Settings - Issue configuration - Issue fields. Select the configuration that is used in the project, and add the SLA/Next breach fields.
    •  If you do not want to show these fields to users, just set these to "No access" for all user groups in the "Edit access" section to the right, making the fields invisible to users.
    • Make sure that you do use the "Due date" field as well.
  • Go to (General - Settings -  SLA settings - SLAs).
    • If you do not already use SLA's, just create a single SLA to be used as a default SLA.
    • If you already have some SLA's, you need to choose which SLA's to add the new SLA Target to.
  • Go to (General - Settings -  SLA settings - SLAs).
    • Create a new SLA Target of the type "Due X hours from now", where X is the hours before due date that you want the SLA Target to be breached. If you set 0.0, then the SLA Target will breach right on the due date (note that you can still have notifications before this time, see below.)
    • Choose relevant criterias in the criteria tab. (For example, you might only want to monitor issues of a specific type and/or status)
    • Save the SLA Target, and then edit the settings in the "Project and escalations" tab
    • Make sure to check the relevant project.
    • Click on the "Edit escalations" to add one or more escalations before or after the breach date. These escalations can set some fields like status in addition to send notifications to specific users and/or user groups when they are triggered. (This way it is possible to have an escalation that changes the status to "Needs attention" 4 hours before Due date, and also notifies the owner of the issue, for example.)
    • Save the escalations and the SLA Target.


Note that this will only affect issues created after you have changed the setup.


Note 2: Unless you are having the SLA Target in your default SLA, affecting all issues, then you need to remember that this will only affect issues that have an SLA that uses the new SLA Target, and only when the SLA Target matches the issue (if criterias are used on the SLA Target). 

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