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 What is Application Lifecycle Management (ALM)? Export knowledge base Export     SubscribeSubscribe      Show article info

ALM is more than just managing the software development lifecycle (SDLC), instead it covers everything from idea conception until the very end of the application lifespan within an organization. It covers areas such as:

  • Idea management and customer communication
  • Product, release and project planning
  • Design and development
  • Application/service management and operations 
  • Customer service and support

ALM is a vital for any business and also tie into other business processes in the realm of ITSM and CRM to support many different functions/areas in an organization. In ALM, development is normally done using agile principles, where projects are broken down into iterations to easily handle requirements and tasks, but in some organizations more lean, traditional or hybrid methods work best,  VisionFlow works with any of these. 


The organisation needs continuous understanding of the costs and benefits of all its applications and services, to easily enable this all applications should become a part of the enterprise's application/service and project portfolio. 


VisionFlow is a completely integrated software solution for Application Lifecycle management (ALM/SDLC), Service Management (ITSM), Customer Support and CRM. It is intended for companies that want a unified software for the whole organization to work efficiently, deliver great value and service to customers (external or internal enterprise customers).

In addition to its own comprehensive set of modules and features, VisionFlow integrates with many 3rd party tools and applications to deliver a common platform for everyone in the organization to use, in development, operations, sales and marketing, customer service, management and so on. 

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