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This page is where you configure the cost/billing rates for work done in the project

The page is only shown to certain usergroups (Admin, etc). 

The monetary values are not set in any currency - just numbers.

The page has two rows for the default values of billing and cost rates, and a selection field where you can select a cost model - appropriate extra value fields will then be shown.


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Billing rates are what your customers pay per hour for your work in the project.

Cost rates are what you pay for work done in the project (salaries, etc..). Generally, billing rates are quite a bit higher than cost rates, at least if you want to return a profit..


The following cost models are available:

  • No billing/cost rates are used on the project - Exactly what it says. No connection between money and  time.
  • Default rate. The default rates above are used for all logged time to calculate total monetary values. 
  • Specific rates for different users - this will show a table of all (non-support) users in the project, with individual fields for cost and billing rates. Example: John's work costs 25 per hour, and Sarah's costs 30 - just enter this in the table, and that will be the basis for cost calculation on project. The default values will be used if nothing is specified for a given user.
    At the end of the form you will be able to specify what order to use when calculating Estimated billing amount and Estimated cost amount. You can here choose to order:
    • Default billing/cost rate
    • Specified rate for developer of the issue
    • Specified rate for owner or the issue


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Note: Cost when choose "Specific rates for different users" cannot be altered in the add work log dialog box. 


  • Specific rates per work log category - This will show a table of all work log categories on the account, with individual fields for cost and billing rates. 
    : Development costs 100, while Testing costs 50. Default values are used if nothing is specified on a work log category.
    You can add more work log categories in (Account) Settings tab - Other configurations - Work log categories.


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