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This report shows SLA compliances and violations for issues in the time interval, for each SLA

Select a project/workspace(optional), Issue type(optional), company(optional), usergroup(optional), SLA targets(optional) and the time interval (using the 'show last' combo or the From-To date fields), and click the OK button.


This will show a bar chart showing SLA status (how many issues are compliant or violated) for each SLA, in the time interval. Below comes a short summary table, and then a table all issues that has violated their SLA's.


A 'SLA violation' for an issue is when a 'SLA Target' is triggered for that issue.

For example, if you have a SLA Target for the SLA that will trigger if an issue is left at the 'new' status for 12 hours, then the issue will appear in this report if this criteria is met, even if the issue is set as complete after 12 hours and 5 minutes.


The important thing is exceeding the time in the SLA Target, no matter what happens after.


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