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The hosted version of VisionFlow 9.5 was released on September 7th 2013

As usual the new version includes many new features and improvements requested by our customers!

All new features are visible in the Knowledge Base Images/Icons/48x48/lightbulb_on.png idea management section in the the support centre on the tab "Planned" for our customers.


The most important improvements are highlighted below.

Knowledge Base Images/Icons/star_yellow.gif Improved Resource Allocation

+ Improve resource allocation view by adding a horizontal scrollbar


It's now possible to also select 3 months and 6 months as timespan for the resource allocation.


Knowledge Base Images/Icons/star_yellow.gif Improved Expense handling (previously called "Costs")


A few releases ago we introduced costs that can be added on issue and projects. In this version we have improved this functionality and tied it together with the rest of the system. The first thing we did was to rename "Costs" to "Expenses" since costs is a more general term that is also used for worklogs. Other improvements include:


+ Improvements to General-Time

The "General - Time" link is now called "General - Time/Expenses" since you now also have the option to display expenses in this view. It's also possible to edit/delete and add new expenses from this view.


+ Expenses can be set as "billable"

In the expense dialog you can now specify that an expense can be flagged as billable. All expenses that are not billable will count as an internal expense.


+ Improved cost summary on Versions and Projects

To tie all this together we have now connected both costs from worklogs and costs from expenses on the Version and Project summary pages. On these pages you can now see the total internal cost and the total billable cost for each version/project with regards to costs from both worklogs and expenses.



Knowledge Base Images/Icons/star_yellow.gif Improved WebService API


+ Custom Fields on Companies

It's now possible to handle custom fields for companies via the WS API. The new methods are:


  • getCustomFieldsForCustomer(int customerId)
  • storeCustomFieldsForCustomer(CustomerGenericCustomField customerGenericCustomField)
  • getAvailableCustomerCustomFields()


+ Get issue field index for project issue custom fields in API


It's now possible to find more information about project issue custom fields via the API. In particular this can be used to get the correct index column where a particular custom field is stored in the project issue table. The following method has been added:


  • getAvailableCustomFieldsForProjectIssueInProject(int projectId)


Knowledge Base Images/Icons/star_yellow.gif Move worklogs between issues


It is now possible to move worklogs between issues. This can be done either from the "Worklogs"-tab on Edit issue or in the list or worklogs from General/Time

Knowledge Base Images/Icons/star_yellow.gif Misc

  • Contract Management - A new currency field have been added


Knowledge Base Images/Icons/star_yellow.gif Internet Explorer 10 support

There has been some problems reported when using ie10. These problems should be resolved now. 


Knowledge Base Images/Icons/star_yellow.gif Usability


  • General/Time
     - Added Month selection to Time view 


Knowledge Base Images/Icons/star_yellow.gif Installed on-premise version

  • Reduce logging for server warnings to make the log clearer

Knowledge Base Images/Icons/star_yellow.gif Some bugfixes

  • Worklog  
     - Spent time is not always updated unless you click somewhere in the dialog

  • Search/Filter
     - Increased the number of projects you can select in a search/filter
     - ' characters doesn't work in saved searches

  • Issue rule
     - When a multiselect custom field is updated, first and last character is trimmed in the Edit issue page

  • Support center
     - If support users set both a status and enter a comment, the status is changed to reply received

  • WS API
     - Invalid XML chars in description causes WS API to throw exception


  • Resource Allocation
     - Disregards non-working time on users, only considers work and exeption schedules
     - Double counting when aggregating time from subissues

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