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This report shows the available work time for users in different projects, i.e. how they have been allocated. This can be used for overall planning of user resources.


  • The resource allocation report is shown as a table with one column per week (labeled with the week number), and one row per user. 
  • Each user row is expandable, to show sub-rows for each project. 
  • The value in each cell represents how much that user can work on that project in that week, in hours - For example: John Doe works 20 hours on project ABC in week 15.
  • Values can also be set to show percent, but then the number of weekly work hours must be set for each user in their user profiles, otherwise it will just read N/A..
  • Data in this report is taken from the resource availability section on projects and/or sprints/milestones/iterations
  • Meeting: a user that is added as a meeting participant(not creator or owner of a issue) and based on these participation statuses ACCEPTED, TENTATIVE, INVITED, then the meeting will be shown in the resource allocation report for that user. 

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