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The hosted version of VisionFlow 7.1 was released on the 3rd of April 2011


See below for details about the new features and improvements in this release. If you have any questions or need some clarification in some of the areas, then just add a comment to the KB-article or send us an email.


The installed version is scheduled for release on the week that starts 4th of April 2011.



Issue management


Issue Rule engine

The issue rule engine fills the gap when the normal workflow is not enough. Here you will have the ability to search on all issue fields and when the search criteria matches you specify which issue field you would like to update.


Knowledge Base Images/Issues/issuerules.png




Improved email notifications with additional attributes

For the notification "Issue has changed" you can now specify many new attributes, such as: address and phone for associated users and companies. Have a look in 'Settings -> Other configurations -> Notification templates' for details.


More permission options on work logs

Three new permissions that complements the existing "View issue worklogs" and "Edit issue worklogs" has been added that affects Issue work logs:


  • Create issue worklog
  • Remove issue worklog



Project management


Custom fields on project

You can now create custom fields on projects. They are editable in 'Project page -> Edit Project info' and will be shown in 'Project page' and the 'Project summary' if a value exists. The project custom fields are also available in the Web Service API.



Knowledge base


Knowledge base available in separate tab

The Knowledge base will now always be opened as a "top-level tab" so you will be able to reply a support email and at the same time view the Knowledge base for that project.






Improved web browser support

Google Chrome, Safari and Opera is finally supported by VisionFlow.


Account level calendar


The new account level calendar have the ability to show issues, versions and contracts where a due or start date is available.


Day view of the calendar


Knowledge Base Images/Calendar/calendar-day.png



Week view of the Calendar


Knowledge Base Images/Calendar/calendar-week.png





Ability to create external HTTP links

You can now create links to external HTTP pages. The links will be shown in the "General"-panel in the upper left. The configuration of the links is done in 'Settings -> General -> General links'.



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