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It is quite common that our customers want assistance customizing VisionFlow after purchase as a part of the start-up project. 


This is something that we assist with on a consulting basis and can for example be:


  • Some specific functionality that currently doesn't exist in the system and that needs to be added before the system can be used as intended
  • Help with configuring the system to support your business processes and workflows
  • You might need assistance integrating VisionFlow with an external system
  • You want to co-finance a completely new module
  • etc.


All new features that are developed for customers are implemented as standard features inside the system. This means that we do not add features or adapt the system specifically for any customer. Instead we make all features flexible and generic so that they can be made available to everyone and then also maintained by us in future versions of VisionFlow.


Experience has shown that this is very valuable for our customers since everyone in essence uses the same system. This has may benefits, such as making the system very easy to upgrade, among other things. This in turn keeps the cost low and ROI very high. 


Just contact us on if you want to discuss this option further...

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