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It is possible to automatically create issues  (task / activity / case) according to a defined interval using "Recurring issues". 


A recurring issue is based on a "recurring issue template", a "series".  This series is based on a template issue that you create first. You fill the template issue/series with the data that is relevant, for example set the start and/or due date, owner and/or owner group, write the name and describe the issue, link to documents, KB articles and so on...  


Note that the template issue needs to have the 'Start date' set or 'Due date' set - or both. The time part of these fields are used for future recurring issues that get different date parts.


When a recurring issue is created all the values from the template issue/series is used to populate the new issue.

Except for the date part of 'Start date' and/or 'Due date' - those are taken from the repeat pattern.


A "Recurring issue" is created by clicking on "Add recurrence" when you are viewing an existing issue, which is then used as the template:


Knowledge Base Images/Issues/Add-recurrence.png


You can specify nearly all intervals you can think of: daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly:


Knowledge Base Images/Issues/Edit-recurrence.png



  • Ends - Select if the recurring series has an end.
  • Repeat -  Specify the repeat interval type for the recurrence series. Below it is the specific options for that repeat interval. See below.
  • Issue should be created - Specify how many days before Start (or Due date) the recurring issue should be created. This can result in multiple issues being created in advance, depending on the setting. Note: If you set Issues should be created 0 days before start, the issue will not be created. 


Result: You will never forget a recurring task or meeting again.


About repeat intervals: different intervals have different options:

  • Daily: Just the option "Schedule task every X days" The time of day will be the same as the Start date (or Due date if only that is given) for the template issue.
  • Weekly: Has the option "Schedule task every X weeks", but you can also check which weekdays the recurring issues should be created on.
  • Monthly: Has checkboxes for:
    • Month(s): in which months recurring issues should be created
    • Days of month: which day of month recurring issue should be created
    • Last day of month: checking this will create the recurring issue at the last day of the month (the 28th, 29th, 30th or 31st, as appropriate)


Knowledge Base Images/Issues/Recurring_monthly.PNG




How to enable the recurrence feature?

Recurrence functions is made available by the setting in users Role permissions. Go to General-Settings-Roles/groups and enable "View recurrence" and/or "Edit recurrence".



How do I change the template values used for the instances created?


First open an existing recurring issue then click on "Edit series", see below.



Change the values you want in the series template. Click save.


Please note that If it is an old issue, you may need to change the start and/or end date to represent a time in the future, i.e when the next issue should be created .

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