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A project can also be called workspace or process in VisionFlow if you prefer, you can change this in the terminology section


All issues, tasks, activities, cases, incidents, meetings and so on are stored in a project. So a project works as a container of related things, and can be other things such as documents, articles, discussions and so on.  


For example, a project can be:

  • a software project (development or maintenance)
  • a function where you manage a customer support, helpdesk or IT service desk process
  • a marketing campaign
  • a workspace for a department or team 
  • a workspace for your sales process
  • a leave request management system, or to manage other types of HR related processes
  • an idea management system
  • and so on ...


So, VisionFlow can also be used to manage different work or business processes


To make it easier to use in an organization for both project and process management, it is possible to change the name you use for this container of information, you can call it project, workspace or process. You can change this in the General --> Settings --> Other configuration --> terminology.


For organizations that use the system for both process and project management it is common to use the terminology Workspace, or just to use the default name of Project, but this is completely up to you as a customer. 

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