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Our normal support packages include:

  • Basic support (Free support via email/web)
  • Premium support (High priority support via email/web)
  • Premium plus support (High priority support via email/web and phone)


Read more on our website about the difference between these three.


The following things are included in the normal support packages:

  • General questions about functionality in the system and how it works
  • Help with remedying general incidents remotely via email together with the customer's system owner or administrator, unless it is related to customer integrations or custom code (see below)
  • General questions about how to configure the system
  • General questions about how the system can be used to achieve certain results
  • Questions answered by our support team and does not include Sales account managers
  • In addition to this, customers can of course also report bugs that they find and suggest features or improvements


Below are some general examples of things that are not included in our normal support packages:

  • Technical or functional configuration of the customer's system
  • Logging into the customer's system to look at or make changes to the configuration
  • Support issues or questions of deep technical qualified customer-specific character
  • Troubleshooting, investigation and analysis of problems, such as Network-related issues such as firewall intermittent issues, performance or connection to servers that VisionFlow is connected to
  • Cases relating to customer customizations, such as new development, adjustment, troubleshooting and completion or bug fixes of these.
  • Questions relating to GDPR in general and not related to how to use functionality in VisionFlow
  • Other type of comprehensive or hands-on help that is not classified as "normal support"


Examples of things related to installed on-premise customers that are not included in our normal support packages: 

  • We do not log-in to customer's servers via VPN to investigate or help to solve problems
  • Practical work relates to solving incidents and restoring the system to normal operation in the customer's environment, i.e. to work on client servers, run a database recovery, reconfigure servers and the like.
  • Work with things that are specific to the client's server environment, for example: configuring data import jobs, integration work, User import from AD, set up synchronization between VisionFlow and Exchange  
  • Upgrades or restart of client servers
  • Work related to custom development or configuration


Out add-on premium services:

For the things that are not included in the normal support packages, for these things you will need premium services, such as:

  • Service Ownership
  • System maintenance
  • Remote hosting (application management) - in your infrastructure
  • Private cloud hosting - in our infrastructure


There are some more information in this Knowledge base article about these services. 

If you want more information about this and/or want a quote please send an email to




Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions about what is included in our support packages or not. 

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