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This portlet graph shows resolution times for a project over time, per issue type

You have to select input in the dropdown lists for project and time interval before you can see a chart! The time interval spans from the selected value (for example 4 weeks) to the present.

What is resolution time for an issue? This is the length of time the issue has been open. Or more precise, from its start in a new status, through different in-progress statuses, and finally to a closed status. 

 The graph shows several lines, one color for each issue type in the project. The legend tells you the colors for the respective issue types. Each line shows the average resolution time for closed issues of that issue type in the project over the time interval. 

Example: The total time interval selected is 6 months. Each data point represents one month, and its height is the average resolution time of all issues with the given issue type completed in that month.

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