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The hosted cloud version 12.2 of VisionFlow will be released on April 28th, 2016.


The most important changes and improvements are listed below



+ A new project combo on the "Move document" function has been added allowing for documents to be moved between projects. 


User and company management

+ The error message when a user has forgotten password or user name is now improved and says “Wrong username or password”. 
+ There is now a new user type called 'Infrequent user'. This is a license type that can be shared between people and is a complement to existing user licenses.

+ The timeout for the import user action has been extended to 30 minutes  which means that bigger files can be imported without being timed out.
+ Since "Set permission" sometimes can lead to huge changes in project permission and usergroups a warning is now shown, to make the user aware of the possibility to choose "add permission" instead for example.
+ When exporting customer information the new customer ID is also be exported.

When importing CI's the ID is used in the same way as Asset / Item tag is done today. The CI ID is first, if there is no CI ID then the Asset / Item tag is used and in the last case use name. 

+ In General - Users tab, there are filters can then be used to filter the Users list. These filters now includes all user fields available in the Users grid

+ When importing faulty company data which lacks company id an error message is shown saying "Company name is null for some rows, cannot import!"


Issue / case management

+ When replying to an issue the email reply is now sent to the last person that added a comment on the issue.


Email ticket system

+ The "Reply to all" function now works as planned

+ New parameters have been added for when sending mass emails to many users : Name, First name, Last name.

+ If an email sent from the issue fails to send it's now possible to add feedback on the issue.

+ Under General Settings the user action history for Email ticket system is now logged. This means that it's possible to trace which user has done certain actions.


Product/Asset/Service Management (CMDB/Configuration Item management)

+ The previous limitation of user not being able to change the "Is link" in Settings --> Product settings --> Edit Product relationship types is now gone, making it possible for user to change this themselves.

+By right clicking in the CMDB tree it is now possible to open up the grap tag directly.



+ It is now possible to export the Project summary report to Excel


Knowledge base

+ KB subscriptions for sub-categories has been improved. For example if an article with subscribers gets edited the editor can choose to send out notifications to the subscribers.


Quick search

+ It is now possible to clear previous filters from search and thereby start anew. 


Installed on-premise version

+ For the chat module (and push messages) to work with this version it is required to upgrade the Tigase service on your server to 7.0.3 available here:  


!!! It is also important that you upgrade  to Tomcat 7 and from Java 6 to Java 7 if you haven't done so already !!! VisionFlow is not supported on Java 6 or Tomcat 6. 



+ Users can now be removed from account if no relationships exists&nbsp

+ The setting "Show send password link" is now active by default.

+ SLA is now recalculated when company is updated

+ Target is selected according to SLA severity.

+ Quicksearch is now working correctly with national characters or multiple words

+ It is now possible to change and save both userType and userGroup at the same time

+ Name parsing in emails now works as expected

+ The Export dialogue is no longer shown when setting the Reporter-field, but the field set as normal.

+ Product/Ci layout is now shown normally in Internet Explorer

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