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  1. Download centrifugo for your platform and unpack to any directory
  2. (Optional, but recommended) Setup Centrifugo as a Windows Service
    1. Download Windows Service Wrapper
      • Download the WinSW.NET4.exe version
    2. Copy WinSW.NET4.exe into the Centrifugo directory, rename to centrifugo_svc.exe
    3. Create config named centrifugo_svc.xml
    4. Input the below content:


      <description>Centrifugo Push Server</description>
      <stopargument>"imagename eq centrifugo.exe"</stopargument>


    5. Edit $YOUR_PATH_TO_CENTIFUGO from above to match your installation.
      (We recommend to not use the version number in the folder name for centrifugo so it's easy to upgrade
      centrifugo in the future without having to modify the path above and reinstall the service).
    6. Open a CMD window as Administrator and navigate into Centrifugo directory
    7. Install as a service by typing: centrifugo_svc.exe install
    8. Start through Windows Services



1) Add centrifugo repository:
curl -s | sudo bash
2) Install centrifugo package: 
sudo apt install centrifugo

3) Configuration file is located in the /etc/centrifugo/config.json, change properties if needed.

4) Make service running on startup:

sudo systemctl enable centrifugo


It is recommended to not have centrifugo opened to internet, better having it behind the proxy server, for example nginx. 



Next step: Configure Centrifugo

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