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Field description - Ticket id



Short description:


The ticket id is a reference number that is generated for each issue in a project that uses this field. The ticket id is attached to the subject of emails, and when an incoming email reply has a ticket id, the system knows what issue it is a reply of, thus attaching the incoming email as a reply on the specific issue rather than creating a new issue for the incoming email.





Default name: Ticket id


Terminology variations: None.


In-Use: Optional. This field can be set to be used in the issue field configuration.


Mandatory: Optional. This field can be set as mandatory, but need not be.


Data type: Text.  Example: "1234500001". This field is constructed by the ticket system (the first numbers (12345 in the example) are specific for the ticket system). 

Every new issue gets the next higher number. 


Access restrictions: (Default) Created: "No access" for all users (as this is set by the system).  Editing: "Read" for all internal users,  and "No access" for external or support users.




The ticket system is dependent on the emails having ticket id to assign incoming replies to the correct issue.



Affected by these settings: 

Project > Settings > Email > General settings , section Automatic email reply:

"Subject in reply" - this setting determines whether ticket id is added to autoreplies (and how it is formatted).


Project > Settings > Email > General settings , section Email reply settings:

"Subject in reply" - this setting determines whether ticket id is added to normal replies (and how it is formatted).



Use cases: The ticket id is the thread that connects incoming email replies to an existing issue. This means that you get a correspondence/thread on the original email, instead of having the correspondence spread over many different issues/emails. Basically, if you want to use a ticket system, you need to have the ticket id field on the project.

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