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The hosted version of VisionFlow 7.0.1 was released on the 6th of February 2011


See below for details about the new features and improvements in this release. If you have any questions or need some clarification in some of the areas, then just add a comment to the KB-article or send us an email.


The installed version was released on the 11th February 2011.



Issue management


Issue key can now be used in direct link to issue

Previously external links to issues required an id to an issue. Now you can supply an Issue key as well. The URL should be like this:


INSTALLED VERSION: http://vp_url/




Custom fields can be used in Group by

When using Group by in the Issues tab you can now group by on Custom fields.


More fields are available in "Issue"-portlets (Dashboard)

You can now show the fields "Reporter", "SLA", "Next breach" and "Company" in "Issue"-portlets.


Email notification enhancements

Previously when a change on an issue has been done and an email notification is sent out, the subject would be like "[KEY-1234] has been updated". Now if only one change was done on an issue the subject will have more information about the change, for example, if the status is changed from New to Work in progress, the subject will be "[KEY-1234] Status has been changed from New to Work in progress".


Config item fields can now be Filter mode (issues tab)

When using Filter mode in the Issues tab you can now filter on Config items.


Planning board enhancements

The Planning board will now "remember" which columns you have selected and you also have the ability to drag the "area" between the "version"-panels to the right so you basically can show more rows of one specific version.




VCS management


Support for CVS has been added

A hook for CVS is now supplied.



Support for VCS commits via email 

VCS commits can now be posted to VisionFlow via email.


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