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Work schedule exception schemes should be used to register exceptions to the work schedule, such as national holidays.


A Work schedule exception scheme shows in the calendar as Works exception, just as when the users themselves put in for example sick leave. It is also considered when there is an SLA which triggers on breach date. So if an issue will reach a brech date at a date where there is an additional holiday the system will notify the user in beforehand so that it isn't triggered on a date when no one is working. 


A Work Exception can be for one day only or for an interval.


The page shows a list of Work schedule exception schemes with these columns:


  • Title - The name of the work shedule exception scheme.
  • Action - Contains some action icons:
    • Delete - click this to delete the work schedule exception scheme
    • Edit - This opens the edit 'work schedule exception scheme' page
    • Copy - This creates a copy of the work schedule exception scheme. You'll get a popup where you can enter a new name for the copied scheme.




Click on an exception scheme to open it for editing. This shows a grid list of all the individual exceptions in the exception scheme/list. Add more exceptions by clicking "Add exception". To delete an exception, you have to click to edit it, and then in the edit dialog click delete.


The fields in the Edit 'work schedule exception scheme' dialog are as shows:

  • Title: This is the name of the exception. Usually the name of the holiday etc in question.
  • From date: The start time of the exception.
  • To date: The end time of the exception.
  • All day: checking this means the exception covers 24 hours per day.
  • Is working day: This inverts the work schedule exception. When using this, any specified time on weekends and/or an existing exception is instead counted as working time. For example, if everyone is supposed to work on a certain Saturday (when Saturdays normally are outside the work schedule), you can mark it as an exception and click "Is working day" to make it a workday.



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