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 I get "MessageException: connection timed out" when trying to configure the email ticket system Export knowledge base Export     SubscribeSubscribe      Show article info

If you get this error then your email server or Firewall isn't correctly configured to allow VisionFlow to connect to it.



You need to make sure that the appropriate protocols have been activated in your email server preferably IMAP/IMAPS,  sometimes only web-mail or the Exchange protocol is activated.


  • For Gmail / Google Apps see here:
  • For MS Exchange, see here:


You also need to make sure that the appropriate ports are open for IMAP/IMAPS or POP/POP3S in your Firewall depending on what you use, for example:


  • POP3 - port 110
  • IMAP - port 143
  • IMAP4 over SSL (IMAPS) - port 993
  • Secure POP3 (SSL-POP) - port 995


You need to make sure our servers are allowed to connect to your email server, see the IP address list here...


You also need to make sure you allow the email protocol traffic through your firewall, and that this hasn't been blocked (it normally isn't)


To make sure VisionFlow can connect to your email server, please cherck the following:

  • Make sure you activated IMAP/IMAPS/POP3/POP3S in the email server
  • Make sure that you don't block access to our servers in the Firewall
  • Make sure that access to the email box/account haven't been blocked for our servers in your email server
  • Try to connect to your email server from outside your own network using telnet commands in a command prompt:
    • To test POP3 : telnet <YOUR_SERVER_IP> 110 (such as telnet 110)
    • To test IMAP: telnet <YOUR_SERVER_IP> 143
    • To test IMAPS: telnet <YOUR_SERVER_IP> 993
    • To test POP3S: telnet <YOUR_SERVER_IP> 995


You need to figure out the correct settings and then use these settings in the configuration of the email ticket system. Sometimes it may be easier to test different options using a normal email client such as Outlook and then apply these settings to VisionFlow.

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