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The hosted version of VisionFlow 9.3 was released on May 4th 2013

As usual new version includes many new features and improvements requested by our customers!


All new features are visible in the Knowledge Base Images/Icons/48x48/lightbulb_on.png idea management section in the the support centre on the tab "Planned" for our customers.


The most important improvements are also highlighted below:


Show system events in the GUI

Make important system events become visible in the GUI in the "Recent Activity Portlet" in the dashboard and in the project activity tab for users with the right permission


The following things are logged in this version


  • If there is a problem fetching emails from a certain mailbox 
  • If emails can't be sent for some reason.


Activity stream and Trace 

Deleting attachements/files is now logged/traced in the history log recorded


Mail Settings 

Add more settings to Email Ticket System for TLS and Authenticate


Make it possible to hide time for start and due date

Some customers don't want to use time on start and due dates, this has now been implemented


Make knowledge base articles indexable by Google

Earlier, the KB articles in the system wasn't indexable by google unless you had a direct link to them. Now we've added a new index page that makes it easy for google to find all KB articles


More info on this here...

It's now possible to match multiple values in multiselect (custom) fields

You can now use a number of new selection criterias for multiselect fields in advanced Search and in Issue Rules. For example: "Contains any of", "Contains all of", "Contains none of", "Exact match", et cetera.



Improve performance in SLA checker scheduled job for less impact on server resources and database

Reduce logging for server warnings

Trim password field and remove empty characters at the end and beginning if included

Some bugfixes

Fix some problems with "Invite to Project"

Problem adding field to an Issue field to some 

Fix error in CMDB after deleting customers 

Cannot download images in some scenarios

Fix problem when deleting project when it   contains linked versions

Mailfetcher job can fail in some circumstances

The to:-field in emails is not populated when doing a "Email reply" in some circumstances

Issue documents may sometimes not be editable if issue opened in new tab

Work log dialog may return error when saving a second time if you edit an existing work log

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