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How to connect multiple usernames to the same email account


A user account is created through, and connected to, an email adress. It might have been registered when an administrator registered the user or when the user sent an issue to the support center thus telling the system that a new user was active. That user may later choose to have several accounts and can have them all on the same  emailadress but must change the Username and password. 

1. Go to General - User - Add new user.
2. Fill in the information in General. When the email adress is filled in, the Username field in the Login information is automatically updated with the same adress.
3. Go to the Username field and change the username. The username does not need to be an email adress, but should be descriptive so as to be able to tell users apart.
4. Press Save.

There is now one user with two user accounts and the things separating them are the username and password. This means the user will have access to two different plattform depending on permissions and companies owning the plattforms and they may therefore look different from one another.

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