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 How can I add images to a knowledge base article? Export knowledge base Export     SubscribeSubscribe      Show article info

We recommend

We recommend you to manually add image documents to a folder in the Documents tab (in the project where the support center is located) to hold all images for the knowledge base. In this folder you can add all the images that you want to use in KB articles.

Then you can link them into your articles, or add them via the imageList function in the image editor (see below).

The advantage of adding images this way is that you have more control of the image names and properties. This way makes them easier to find in the image list.


Note that the folder should not have the Support Center flag checked. The images however needs to have the Support Center/Published flag checked. (see 1. below for more information below).

Note2: The "Knowledge Base Images" folder is created when you paste in images, so it is a good idea to use this folder name.


Copy-pasting works but is mildly discouraged

After release 16.9.3 (in the hosted environment) we have added support for saving copy-pasted images as documents instead of saving the images as large data on the articles themselves. Now, when you copy-paste an image when editing an article, it is saved to the "Knowledge Base Images", in the subfolder for the Knowledge Base Category. 


So, If an .png image is added to an article "XYZ" in the category "Knowledge base (KB) module", it would be saved as a document at "Knowledge Base Images/User guide/Knowledge base (KB) module/XYZ_inlineImage_123456789.png" folder , where 123456789 is some generated number.


Why are we mildly discouraging Copy-pasting if it works? The names are generated and does not tell anything about the inserted image, and you do not have as much control over it.




Upload and add/link image to article


While editing the article you can upload images (gif, jpg, png) into the folder (which you have created in the document section) straight from the article.
Upload an image with the  Upload file function available below a KB article (if you are working on a new article you need to save the article once before the Upload file appears).


Note: When you upload the image it needs to have the Support Center/Published flag checked to show up in the step below.


When the images is added to the document section then add the image to the article by using the icon Edit add image button in the toolbar.

Simply click the toolbar icon Edit add image button, located to the right of the Anchor. A new popup-dialog will be shown and you can link the image into the article.
All images in the documents section which has the Support Center/Published flag checked will show up in the drop-down Image list. Simply select the image you want from this list.

Knowledge Base Images/Knowledge Base/edit_image_kb.png


If you have no published images in the documents tab, then you will not see the "Image List" field in the dialog above.



Upload to documents tab and use direct link
You can also go to the folder you have created in the document tab (in the project where the support center is located) and add you images.

After you upload the image please check the "Published" check-box.


Click on the "direct link" icon to the right of the image in the image list. Select the link.

Go to the article and click on the and paste the direct link in the "Image URL" field.



Knowledge Base Images/Icons/number_3_blue.gif Add an image from the internet

If the images is already posted on the internet you can simply type in the images' url, such as http:/ into the "Image URL" field.

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