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The text in the issue history looks like it is chopped off at the right border Export knowledge base Export     SubscribeSubscribe      Show article info

This is a known error, and the problem usually occurs because the description field contains a wide image or a wide HTML table.


Then, the text is extended to the width of the image/table, but the history section has a set width, which in this case is less than the image width, which makes it look like the text is chopped off at the right.


Note: There is a horizontal scrollbar at the bottom of the history section that you can scroll to the right to see the whole message. But yes, it is annoying.


The problem usually happen because the issue is created from an incoming email which:

  • contains a big screenshot or huge image inline.
  • have some tables in it - VisionFlow cannot handle some layouts 
  • have Microsoft formatting code in it, usually because: 
    • someone created the text/image in MS Word, then copied and pasted it into the email.
    • the sender uses advanced email style sheets from Microsoft
  • has all of the above options.



If the problem image is inline in the description, and also has been added as an attachment to the issue, you should be able to edit the description and remove the image, which should clear this up. Only do this if you are sure you have the image as a normal attachment as well!

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