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 How is the sales commision paid out? Export knowledge base Export     SubscribeSubscribe      Show article info

All commission that you earn will be paid out to a bank account of your choice or using any other payment method that you prefer (all payment or transfer fees will be deducted first).


If a customer purchases liceses and pay them directly or in advance (such as 6/12/24 month pre-paid), and the amount exceeds EUR 300, this can be paid out the same month as the purchase. For hosted licenses that are paid in arrears the commission is paid out quarterly.


For us to be able to complete the payment, you will first need to send us an invoice for the correct amount matching your commission. To simplify this we will send you an invoice template that already has been filled in. So the only thin you have to do is to verify the invoice, and add your invoice number on it, and then send it back to us.

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