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Below you can find the most important improvements during 2021.


User interface

+ Improved look and feel with a flat, modern and responsive theme for the User Interface. Implemented for basic use casesDONE

+ Improved look and feel with a flat, modern and responsive theme for the User Interface. Implemented for all core use cases - DONE

+ Add background job for user imports - DONE


Support center (self service portal)

+ Improved look and feel for the default portal - DONE

+ New service/product catalogue with "web shop"-like section - DONE

+ Back end Captcha support for simple forms - DONE

+ Add possibility to delete KB article from context menu - DONE

+ Add possibility to delete KB article from context menu - DONE


Mobile app

+ Google maps integration for companies - DONE

+ Google maps integration for contacts/users - DONE


Issue / case management

+ Meeting overlap warning - DONE

+ Dynamic constraints on issues/tickets (View rules) - DONE

+ New NLP engine with indexing for smarter "AI" like searching and related items - DONE

+ More rules and configuration options for the rule engine, such as "view rules" for dynamic run-time checks when changing fields - DONE

+ Improved draft handling when sending and forwarding emails, including subject and recipients - DONE

+ Improved draft handling to work on "forward email" and "send email" in issue history - DONE

+ Verify velocity in email templates, to avoid errors - DONE

+ Improve related KB articles on issue - DONE

+ Verify sender before importing email into issue/ticket. The person emailing into a ticket must be valid (reporter, recipient or internal user) otherwise the email is blocked for security reasons - For more information see here - DONE

+ Add checklist items with issue rules - DONE


Documents and file management

+ Version control everywhere, i.e. also on contracts and Products/CI's - DONE

+ Add Company variables to New document notification template - DONE


Kanban board

+ New look and feel for better usability in modern/flat theme - DONE



+ Improved and faster team calendar with more modern and responsive design - DONE (in Modern/flat theme)

+ Improved capability to share calendar with exact filters, for example for release or change calendar for services - DONE


Product/Asset/Service Management (CMDB/Configuration Item management)

+ New permission model - DONE

+ Public URL to open CI/Product directly from system or from external system - DONE

+ Published field on CI, to make it visible in the support center - DONE

+ Make it possible to export and import relationships - DONE

+ Expandable text fields on CI's - DONE


Reports and diagrams

+ Improved look and feel - DONE

+ New dashboard, with ability to create role based dashboards. - DONE

+ Add option of User group on Issue distribution - DONE

+ New select option "Open issues by User group" in Open issues report - DONE

+ Scheduling for standard reports - DONE

+ Add option of "User group" on Issue distribution diagram in issues table view - DONE



+ Improved rule engine - Better overview in the user interface to easily manage large volumes of rules - DONE

+ Verify velocity templates in notification templates to avoid errors - DONE



+ Chat bot with AI/NLP to provide automated support for end-users and customers. See here for more information about this  - DONE

+ Improved chat-log on issues - DONE

+ Auto-reconnect if network connection dies - DONE

+ See inactive users easily in the "Online users" list - DONE



+ Support SAML/ADSF authentication with user import without AD/LDAP -  DONE

+ OAUTH authentication for the Email ticket system. See here for more information - DONE

+ Improve Fortnox integration with more settings and easier configuration - DONE


Installed version

+ Support for Java 11 - DONE

+ Improved caching - for performance - DONE

+ Improved push mechanism based on WebSockets - DONE (in Modern/flat theme)

+ Add warnings to installer that tests needs to be performed - DONE

+ Improve logging in installer (using separate log file) to catch problems during upgrades more easily - DONE

+ Module for virus control of documents used for SAAS/Cloud version will be included as an option to use - DONE

+ Shared user licenses - DONE


And much much more....

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