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Shared users

Since non-personal users are not allowed in the system (As stated in the ) shared users is an option to get the amount of paid users down. 


  • Do you have several users within your account that only log into VisionFlow very seldom?
  • Would you like to send notifications to users but they do not need to login to VisionFlow?
  • Was your plan to have a "non-personal" user account for one department within your company? 


Then the option "Shared users" might be something you want to consider. 


If you order one shared user from us this means that you pay a higher cost compared to normal users but up to 10 users can be connected to this shared user license as long as they are not logged into VisionFlow at the same time.


Also, please note that you must pay for 3 normal user minimum, in addition to any shared user license that you purchase. 


Please contact us for more information and to turn on the option:


If you are using the installed version you need to order the shared users and get a new license file. Please contact for more information


Once we have the option for shared users for your account you can create new users/select which of your users should have license type "Shared" (ie. these users can only log into the account as long as there is a shared login available). 
If you are unsure which should be selected/how many you can have contact our support at


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