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 Why does the system not remember when I choose large numbers (1000, 5000) issues per page in the issues page? Export knowledge base Export     SubscribeSubscribe      Show article info

In the "Show rows:" pagination menu, you can select from a number of issues per page.


After selecting, the system remembers that number, and show that many issues per page.


Except for these options: 1000 or 5000.  You can set these to show that many issues on one page, which is sometimes useful if you want to export a lot of issues, for example.

But in contrast to row sizes 500 and below, these two options are not saved when you log out. The system then reverts to a smaller number when you log in again.


This is for performance reasons. If people are loading 5000 issues unnecessarily every time they open the issues list, then it will affect performance.

So these options (1000, 5000) are there so you can temporarily show many issues on a single page when you need it.

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