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A nice feature is that you can send in special commands and data in the VCS commit text/comment.


Just type the comment as you normally do in your VCS tool. Add a reference to an issue with the issue key or use the new command [new] (to create a new issue). Additional fields can be sent in within paranthesis, such as (status:completed), according to the list below:


  • Send in [new] (or {new} or #new) to create a new issue and associating the commit with that issue
  • Send in special commands within paranthesis () to track time (add work logs) or change data such as
    • type: - set/change issue type
    • status: - set/change issue status ("status" or "s" can be used)
    • title: - set/change title
    • description: - set/change issue description ("description" or "desc" can be used)
    • time: - create a worklog with 2.5 hours on it ("time" or "t" can be used)
    • timecategory: - set/change the worklog category ("timecategory" or "timecat" or "tcat" can be used)
    • owner: or o: - sets Owner on the issue. Name, email or user name can be used when specifying owner.
    • ownergroup: or og: - sets Owner group on the issue
    • solution: - sets the Solution field on the issue


Please note that type/status/timecategory must match your current values on your project otherwise the default values will be used!




[new] Implemented first feature (type:bug t:2,5 status:redy for test title:Integrate Google maps description:It would be really nice to add Google Maps timecategory:Slask)


Fixed bug [MY-PROJ-123] (t:2,5 status:Completed)

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