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This is a minor update with frequently requested enhancements to VisionFlow. Here are some of the highlights of version 2.1.2 of the software, as compared to the previous version, 2.1.1.

Edit issue

The issue view has changed in this release to make it easier to read all information on an issue as well as print it.
When you click on an issue in the issue table you always enter into the edit mode of the issue. You can then select ”Switch to read-only view” to be able to view a nice looking, easy to read and easy to print view of the issue.

It has also been easier to add multiple issues/bugs in a row with the new ”Save & new” button.

It is now also possible to change the reporter of an issue (the ”reported by” field is editable).

Edit all release notes on one page

To make it more efficient to edit the release notes for a version it can now be done in one page for all issues under ”Versions” --> ”Edit release notes”. Here you can select a version and then change the release notes for any issue you like.


The look and feel of the forum has been improved, making it easier to use as well and making it look better.

Other improvements

The separate page for published builds has been removed and been replaced with a checkbox called ”Show only published builds”
on the build history page. When this is checked only the published builds are shown.

To make it easier to move between projects a project combo box has been added at the top next to the quick issue search field.

The user profile and logout links has been moved to the upper right corner.

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