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 6. How do I know if the chat is working? Export knowledge base Export     SubscribeSubscribe      Show article info

Some tests.

1. Log into VisionFlow. If you see a green icon at the online users. The chat installation is probably ok.

2. Log in with some more users (you need two browsers if you want to test this yourself). The other users should appear as online. Try to send messages between the users.

3. Create a chat room. Try to send messages in the room. 

4. Test refresh of dashboard. Change status of an issue. The dashboard portlet should be refreshed for other users (with access to the issue). 


If it is not working.

1. Did you install Tigase? Did you install nginx? 


Send a description of the problem to and attach the following files:

For tigase:




For nginx

All changed nginx conf files.

nginx error log (if any)

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